TV presenter AJ Odudu criticises Bruce Willis for ‘appalling’ behaviour during interview

TV presenter AJ Odudu criticises Bruce Willis for ‘appalling’ behaviour during interview
She claims Die Hard actor had their interaction destroyed

AJ Odudu has criticised Bruce Willis for his “appalling” behaviour during an interview.

The TV presenter claimed that the Die Hard star had their interaction destroyed after taking exception to her during a film junket.

After starting a conversation about meeting celebrities who turned out to be “a big disappointment” on ITV2 series Celebrity Karaoke Club, Odudu said: “I’ll tell you all: Bruce Willis – absolutely appalling.”

“I was interviewing him in a press junket,” she continued: “They give you three minutes, and they vet all your questions – he knows what’s coming.”

According to Odudu, Willis “was basically sat there, going ‘next… next’ and got his publicist to tell me how much he hated me. Odudu says she was told she “was not allowed to leave the building with the tape”.

She then says she had the recording of the interview “ripped up” in front of her, following which she was “barred from film junkets for three months”.

The presenter said it occurred at the “beginning” of her career, which was around 2009 when Willis starred in Surrogates..

AJ Odudu claimed Willis had their interview destroyed

The Independent has contacted Willis for comment.

In 2013, Willis was branded “rude” for appearing disinterested during an appearance on The One Show.

The actor, who was promoting sequel A Good Day to Die Hard, was forced to apologise and blamed jetlag for his behaviour.

Celebrity Karaoke Club is a reality series in which stars must gain popularity by performing the most entertaining renditions of famous songs. It airs nightly on ITV2 and concludes on Saturday (10 July).


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