Tyson Fury won’t ‘risk’ getting second Covid jab before Deontay Wilder fight

Tyson Fury won’t ‘risk’ getting second Covid jab before Deontay Wilder fight
Fury fights Wilder for a third time next month

Tyson Fureur won’t have his second Covid jab ahead of his trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder as he isn’t in the ‘risk-taking game’.

The fight was postponed in July after the British star contracted the virus and now Fury doesn’t want anything to get in the way of his family’s earnings. The bout is scheduled to take place au 9 octobre.

“You never can tell,” Fury said about what affect the vaccine may have. “There’s so much bulls*** with all this, stories that go around, you never know what’s the truth and what’s not. Donc, I’m not in the risk-taking game.

“I’m in a serious, life-threatening job, where you can get your lights knocked out with one punch. And if (a second shot) was to affect me in any way, then I’d never live with myself before a big fight.

“But when the fight’s over, and it haven’t affected me, I’ll have time to recover from it all. But I wouldn’t go now and have me injection, not knowing what’s gonna happen next week, because I’ve got much business on. And it not only would affect my career, but affect my family’s future earnings and taking food out of me family’s mouth.

"Donc, when the boxing’s over in the minute, I can go and get me vaccine, second shot, and we’ll see how we go from there. But yeah, pour le moment, I’m just gonna stick with one until after the fight.”

Wilder and Fury will go toe-to-toe once again next month

Fury does not have a clause in his contract saying he has to be double jabbed but the heavyweight added he will be getting it after the fight.

“It’s killed a lot of people in the world and if the vaccine helps, then get it done, vous connaissez? I had my first vaccine back in I think July or June in Miami. And I was supposed to go back and have another one after the Wilder fight.

“But I ended up getting COVID and flew back home (En Angleterre) après 10 journées. And I’ll be having my vaccine, the second shot, after the Wilder fight.”

The talk in the lead up to the fight has been centred on Covid with Wilder accusing Fury of lying about having the virus to get out of the bout.

Il a dit 78SportsTV: “People I know have had family members to die of it. To hear others using this as an excuse to get out of something is just horrible, homme.

“May they burn in hell for that. Especially for something like this. Because the dude said he had Covid, then the next minute you see him in so many different places. It’s just ridiculous. He’s been trying to run away from me since July of last year. He’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to avoid me.”

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