Uber CEO’s tweet reveals how much drivers can make

Uber CEO’s tweet reveals how much drivers can make
The company joined other gig economy firms to defeat an initiative last autumn that would’ve given drivers more benefits

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, whose annual salary is より多い $12 百万, revealed on Twitter how much Uber Eats drivers can make, after tweeting about his experience and profits working on the app for a day in San Francisco.

“Spent a few hours delivering for @UberEats,” he wrote on Saturday. “SF is an absolutely beautiful town. Restaurant workers were incredibly nice, 毎回. It was busy!!」

Twitter users asked him to share a detailed breakdown of his trips on the food delivery app, and the log of deliveries he posted showed that he earned $106.71 during a half-day period, meaning his hourly rate was roughly $30 1時間, well above the local, state and federal minimum wages.

Uber declined to answer questions about the average earnings of drivers in San Francisco and nationally as compared to the minimum wage. According to April 2021 データ from the company, an Uber driver in San Francisco on the app for 20 hours a week earns a median wage of $25.28 per hour before tips or expenses.

Uber Eats drivers, しかしながら, are part-time contractors who provide their own transportation, 食物, 健康管理, 等, and it has been claimed that they can take home less than that median figure, sometimes less than minimum wage.

この記事はに修正されました 28 六月 2021. The headline and article originally claimed that Mr Khosrowshahi’s tweet revealed that drivers barely make the minimum wage, but that was incorrect. We are happy to set the record straight.


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