Ubisoft announces new free-to-play Rainbow Six game for mobile devices

Ubisoft announces new free-to-play Rainbow Six game for mobile devices
After Siege and Extraction, Ubisoft’s tactical multiplayer franchise is heading to iPhone and Android. Here’s how to sign up to try it for free

Ubisoft has announced a new mobile version of its popular player vs player game Rainbow Six Siege.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile is a new free-to-play, tactical first-person shooter mobile game that will be available for iOS and Android devices.

The project is being lead by a development team at Ubisoft Montreal, which has been responsible for Siege as well as other flagship titles like Watch Dogs, Far Cry and the Assassin’s Creed series.

Much like Rainbow Six Siege, players will face off in five versus five multiplayer matches. The core game mode, “Attack vs. Defence”, will see a team of operatives deployed to a location they must breach while a team of defenders repel them with tactical planning, traps and barricades to secure their location.

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‘Rainbow Six Mobile’ gameplay

Players will assemble a fully customisable team of unique operators from the Rainbow Six universe, each equipped with their own unique skillset, weapons and loadouts before entering fights too.

The game will also reintroduce iconic maps from Rainbow Six Siege, including “Bank” and “Border” as well as player versus player modes such as “Secure Area” and “Bomb” which will also be making a return.

Players will only be granted one life per match so they will need to quickly adapt to their environments, fortifying locations and breaching enemy territory to lead their team to victory.

When is the ‘Rainbow Six Mobile’ release date?

Rainbow Six Mobile has been developed and optimised for mobile platforms, with touchscreen controls and exclusive game modes better suited to handheld devices.

No confirmed release date has been announced but, in a tweet posted on the official Rainbow Six Mobile Twitter page, Ubisoft has announced how players will be able to access an early version of the game for free.

Players can also sign up for updates on Rainbow Six Mobile by signing up to their website for further details on early access and other news.

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