UK faces tough winter amid rising Covid cases, says Patrick Vallance – leef

UK faces tough winter amid rising Covid cases, says Patrick Vallance - leef
Ministers should ‘push through natural reluctance’ to reimpose restrictions, says top adviser


Britse inentings teen Covid-19: Jongste syfers

Britain faces a “difficult winter” and uncertainty over whether rising coronavirus infections can be driven back down, Patrick Vallance has warned.

The chief scientific adviser said ministers must be prepared to reintroduce restrictoins sooner than they wanted to and push through their “natural reluctance”.

Sir Patrick’s comments came after hospitals were ordered to end immediately the “catastrophic” delays to ambulance handovers that have proved fatal in at least one case, before a feared winter wave of Covid-19 breaks.

NHS Engeland (NHSE) warned people were dying before paramedics could reach them because the crushing pressure on hospitals meant the ambulance workers were stuck waiting outside A&E departments, unable to hand over the patients they already had.


No plans to scrap travel red list

Downing Street has said there are no plans to scrap the travel red list which forces arrivals to Britain to quarantine in a hotel.

A spokesperson for Boris Johnson appeared to slap down reports the list would go, ahead of an expected update today.

There are seven Latin American countries still on the list after it was heavily cut back earlier this month: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

The PM’s spokesperson did not rule out that the red list may continue to exist, without any countries on it.

Jon Sharman28 Oktober 2021 13:01

Long read: Hunting viruses before they’re dangerous

In die somer van 2020, half a year into the coronavirus pandemic, scientists traveled into the forests of northern Laos to catch bats that might harbour close cousins of the pathogen.

In the dead of night, they used mist nets and canvas traps to snag the animals as they emerged from nearby caves, gathered samples of saliva, urine and faeces, then released them back into the darkness, skryf Carl Zimmer.

Hunting viruses before they’re dangerous

Over six months, researchers caught 645 bats belonging to 45 different species. The bats harboured two dozen kinds of coronavirus, three of which were strikingly similar to Sars-CoV-2, writes Carl Zimmer

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First vaccine dose could alleviate long Covid symptoms, studie suggereer


A first vaccine dose appears to alleviate symptoms in long Covid sufferers, a new study has suggested, although it is unclear whether this improvement lasts until a second dose, skryf Samuel Lovett.

People aged 18 aan 69 who had received a first dose were 12.8 per cent less likely to report that they were still experiencing persistent symptoms, according to experimental findings published by the Office for National Statistics (VSA).

A second dose was associated with a further 8.8 per cent drop, with “statistical evidence” of a sustained improvement afterwards.

Jon Sharman28 Oktober 2021 12:24

US buys 50 million vaccine doses for children

Pfizer and BioNTech are preparing to ship some 50 million doses of their Covid-19 vaccine to the US government as Washington sets up its child vaccination campaign.

The shots will be shipped by the end of April.

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No new NI lockdown expected this winter

Northern Irish ministers do not expect to impose a fresh Covid-19 lockdown this winter, even though times are “uncertain” in the province regarding its fight against the virus.

Conor Murphy, the finance minister, said nonetheless that a cautious approach was still needed.

I don’t expect that we will end up in another lockdown,” he told BBC Radio Ulster.

And certainly any of our discussions at executive level have not pointed in that direction. I think we were right to be cautious where others wanted further restrictions removed in a quicker move into ending restrictions.

It’s an uncertain time in terms of the virus and we’ve seen increases in the south as well as in Britain and here as well.

And so I think we have to be cautious, we have to continue with the message of people social distancing, washing their hands and wearing face coverings.

Mr Murphy was speaking ahead of the easing of hospitality restrictions, which will see nightclubs reopen and social distancing rules in pubs lifted.

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Hotel quarantine could be scrapped today

The travel red list could be scrapped today, ending the hotel quarantine scheme, volgens berigte.

There are seven Latin American countries still on the list after it was heavily cut back earlier this month: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

There is widespread speculation that they will all be taken off the list following an update on Thursday.

The announcement will only apply to England, but the devolved administrations have recently implemented Westminster’s changes to international travel rules. The move would bring the UK into line with most of the rest of Europe.

Travellers arriving from a red list destination are currently required to spend 11 nights in a quarantine hotel at a cost of £2,285.

Bykomende verslagdoening deur PA

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Inexpensive antidepressant can cut Covid hospitalisation risk, sê studie

Early treatment of Covid-19 patients with the commonly prescribed antidepressant fluvoxamine can cut hospital admissions by up to 30 persent, and potentially save lives, a new study has suggested.

The inexpensive drug could provide low-cost protection against severe Covid infection or death in low-income countries that are yet to receive adequate doses of vaccines, according to researchers from Brazil, VSA, Canada and Australia,skryf Vishwam Sankaran.

This cheap antidepressant could cut Covid hospitalisation risk

There was up to 30 per cent hospitalisation reduction in fluvoxamine group

Jon Sharman28 Oktober 2021 11:21

Update on Covid in Europe

A number of European states are still seeing rising Covid-19 rates a week or more after the World Health Organisation warned the continent had become a hotbed for the resurgent virus.

Germany’s coronavirus caseload took its biggest jump in two weeks on Thursday, met meer as 28,000 new infectiony. New infections have been steadily creeping up since mid-October.

The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care units (ICUs) has risen 15 per cent in a week, the head of the German Hospital Federation, Gerald Gass, told the Redaktionsnetwork Deutschland media group.

If the trend continues, hy het gesê, there could be 3,000 cases in the ICU in two weeks. “Even if the hospitals could handle it, it would not be possible without constraints on normal operations,” Mr Gass said.

Intussen, Slovakia’s parliament has cancelled proceedings until 2 November after a politician from the ruling coalition tested positive for coronavirus.

Slovakia has been reporting elevated numbers of daily new cases of the illness in recent weeks, as the country of 5.5 million has one of the lower rates of vaccination in the European Union.

As of Wednesday about 43 per cent of the population was fully vaccinated. Aan 27 October there were 4,981 new cases reported, the highest daily tally since December 2020.

Elders, Hungary is to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for state employees, as well as empower private firms to require inoculation. Masks will be mandatory on public transport from 1 November.

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Scottish health board asks patients to reconsider A&E trips

Scots have been urged to consider whether they really need to go to A&E by health bosses who say the system is under “extreme pressure”.

NHS Ayrshire & Arran has asked people to use other services like their GP, pharmacy or NHS 24 if possible.

The health board said a combination of staff absences, high volumes of frail and ill patients needing complex care, and delayed transfers was contributing to the problems.

Emergency departments “are there for those who need it most – those with life-threatening emergencies and injuries”, said Hazel Borland, the board’s chief executive.

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Opinie: Working from home does not set a bad example to kids – it makes me a better parent

Unless you’re a key worker who has had to be in at a hospital, supermark, school or other workplace over the past 18 maande, chances are you’ve gotten used to working from home, skryf Victoria Richards.

Ek, vir een, can’t forget the way it felt to be working during Covid-19 lockdown 1.0; trying to focus on my laptop screen while one of my children diligently stuck my feet down to the floor with electrical tape, and the other practised the recorder directly into my right ear. RIP, home schooling – gone (vir nou, ten minste) but never, ever forgotten.

Belangrik, wel, I wouldn’t change a thing – particularly not now the kids are back at school (though how long they’ll stay there is anyone’s guess, judging by the current Covid rates).

Opinie: Working from home isn’t a ‘bad example’ – it makes me a better parent

Charlie Mullins believes children will see their parents ‘sitting at home watching Netflix’ and think that’s ‘the norm’ – he couldn’t be more wrong

Jon Sharman28 Oktober 2021 10:33

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