Reino Unido em negociações com o Taleban sobre cidadãos britânicos no Afeganistão, Não 10 diz

Reino Unido em negociações com o Taleban sobre cidadãos britânicos no Afeganistão, Não 10 diz
Meeting comes as Dominic Raab says number of British nationals in Afghanistan is in ‘low hundreds’

The UK government is in talks with the Talibã over the safe passage of British nationals out of Afeganistão following the withdrawal of western troops from the country, Downing Street disse.

Não 10 confirmed on Tuesday that Boris Johnson’s special representative for Afghan transition was in Catar to meet with senior Taliban representatives to discuss the issue.

“The prime minister’s special representative for Afghan transition, Simon Gass, has travelled to Doha and is meeting with senior Taliban representatives to underline the importance of safe passage out of Afghanistan for British nationals, and those Afghans who have worked with us over the past 20 anos,” a Downing Street spokesperson said.

It came after foreign secretary Dominic Raab said that the number of British nationals left behind in Afghanistan was in the “low hundreds”but he was unable to give a “definitive” figure.

“It’s very difficult to give you a firm figure. I can tell you that for UK nationals we’ve secured since April over 5,000, and we’re in the low hundreds [remaining],” Mr Raab told BBC Radio 4’s Hoje exposição.

The UK’s 20-year military campaign in Afghanistan ended last week as the final UK flight carrying British troops left Kabul.

Mais que 15,000 pessoas, including about 2,200 crianças, have been evacuated by the UK since 14 agosto, but there are concerns about what will happen to the hundreds of British nationals and eligible Afghans who were unable to leave the country.

The British government insisted on Tuesday that UK and Afghan nationals would be offered extra help to escape Afghanistan over land borders following the conclusion of the emergency airlift.

Fifteen crisis response specialists are being deployed to Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to assist British diplomats in their work to allow people to reach the UK.

They are expected to arrive within the next 48 horas, with a focus on helping UK nationals, interpreters and other Afghans who were employed by the UK, and those Afghans judged most at risk.

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