UK to bask in 21C highs before return of cloud and rain this weekend

UK to bask in 21C highs before return of cloud and rain this weekend
UK to be hit with combination of dry and wet spells from Sunday onwards

Forecasters are urging Brits to enjoy the balmy summer window while they can as cloudy and wet 天気 looks set for a return as we move into next week.

Following this week’s bout of temperamental conditions, the weather looks set to settle down for much of the イギリス ahead of the more unsettled 天気 来週.

In follow up to Friday’s warm weatherwhich has brought with it highs of up to 20CSaturday will be the drier and sunnier day of the weekend, before the weather turns again on Sunday, による 気象庁.

There is still relative uncertainy with regard to next week’s outlook, Met officials have said, as much depends on how the high-pressure system moves in the latter stages of this weekend.

But it is likely at present that Britons will be met with a similarly mixed picture to this week, with a combination of dry and wet spells.

A northerly air flow will bring temperatures down a touch from Monday, with highs only likely to “reach the low teens in many areas”, the Met Office added.

This could also bring with it a period of rainfall for most of the country, but forecasters said that the precise positioning and amounts are still being determined.

<p>Temperatures are expected to get up to 21C this time  </p>

Temperatures are expected to get up to 21C this time

By the end of next week, as Jubilee celebrations rear their heads, temperatures should recover to near average, but the Met Office warned there is still some uncertainty as we look ahead to the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Dan Rudman said: “There will be plenty of sunshine around this weekend with temperatures expected to reach 21C in some southern spots on Saturday.

"しかしながら, from Sunday it’ll be cooler for most and as we move into next week there’s a more mixed picture once again.

“Spells of rain affecting many places before more settled conditions are expected through the middle of the week, though still with the chance of some showers even then.

“Although the Jubilee Weekend is still a week away, what we’re keeping an eye on is how a plume of warm air behaves later in the week, これ, despite returning temperatures to around average for the time of year, could also bring some showers as it moves in from the south and travels north on Thursday and Friday.”

It comes after Annie Shuttleworth, meteorologist at the Met Office, 言った 独立者earlier this week that the exact areas likely to be hit by rainfall over the course of the bank holiday could not yet be determinedbut urged Brits to keep an eye on the forecast as the country draws closer to the festivities.

“People making preparations for the Jubilee weekend should prepare at least to be shower-proof in whatever they are planning," 彼女は言いました.


Friday evening:

A fine end to the day for most and turning chilly this evening. Daytime showers, その間, will become confined to northern Scotland overnight whilst spreading into some English North Sea coastal areas during the early hours. Colder than last night.


Fine and dry with warm sunny periods for most. Cloudier and cooler with showers for northern Scotland though, and also a few showers in some English North Sea coastal areas.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

A mixture of sunny/clear spells and showers. Showers most frequent in the north and east on Sunday before extending to most areas on Monday and Tuesday. Rather cool or cool.