US should have coup like Myanmar, former Trump advisor Michael Flynn tells QAnon conference in Texas

US should have coup like Myanmar, former Trump advisor Michael Flynn tells QAnon conference in Texas
The video circulating on Twitter shows the crowd cheering the suggestion of a coup in the US

マイケル・フリン, a former national security adviser under the ドナルド・トランプ 管理, has said that a ミャンマー-like coup — in which the military overthrew a democratically elected government — “should happen” in the 我ら.

Appearing in Dallas, テキサス, で QAnon 会議, Mr Flynn was asked during a Q&A session by a member of the audience: “I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here?」

The video circulating on ツイッター shows the question receiving cheering from the crowd. に応じて, Mr Flynn said: “No reason. というのは, it should happen here.”

QAnon supporters are allegedly demanding in the US a repeat of a deadly coup by the army, これ overthrew Myanmar’s democratically elected government オン 1 February on the basis of unproven allegations of voter fraud.

The coup was met with resistance from people and mass protests have take place against it since then, 少なくとも 800 民間人, 少なくとも含む 40 子供達, have been killed and thousands have been arrested, による Myanmar’s Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.

フリン氏, a former army general, has a tainted track record. He was fired by former president Donald Trump in 2017 after serving less than a month as his national security adviser, over allegations of lying to vice president Mike Pence about his communications with Russia. He pleaded guilty to the FBI during the Mueller investigation.

He was pardoned by Mr Trump last November before Justice Department could announce its verdict on dropping of the criminal case against him, as per his plea.

Mr Flynn has become a prominent figure in the QAnon conspiracy theory. 昨年, he posted a video on Twitter reciting QAnon slogans, after which the social media platform banned him, along with a few others others in January during a mass disabling of accounts promoting QAnon conspiracy theories.