Vicky McClure rules herself out of replacing Jodie Whittaker on Doctor Who

Vicky McClure rules herself out of replacing Jodie Whittaker on Doctor Who
‘Line of Duty’ star said she wasn’t a fan of sci-fi shows

薇琪·麦克卢尔 has ruled herself out of replacing Jodie Whittaker神秘博士.

职责范围 star has long been a favourite among fans and bookmakers to take over from Whittaker when she hangs up her sonic screwdriver as the Doctor later this year.

然而, in a new interview with 守护者, McClure said that while she was flattered by the attention, she didn’t watch the show and would never play the Doctor.

Adding that she hadn’t been approached about the role, she explained that the attention was “lovely”.

“It’s a real compliment,” McClure said. “It’s an iconic piece of telly that’s been going for ever and ever, and I’m sure will continue to, and I wish it well, but it’s not for me.”

她继续: “You know, the TV I make is usually the TV I will enjoy myself. So what I tend to do is go for parts I feel can stretch my imagination – like, even bomb disposal is so far from my world, but the understanding of fear, we all have.

“Once we start moving to sci-fi, that’s where I start to lose interest.”

薇琪·麦克卢尔 (剩下) and Kelly Macdonald in ‘Line of Duty’

Whittaker’s time as the Doctor will come to an end at the end of this year, with two more specials left to air before her departure.

Russell T Davies is returning as showrunner on 神秘博士 在 2023, meaning he will be picking the next Doctor.

因此, many have speculated that one of the cast of 这是一种罪过 will take over the role – either Lydia West (Whittaker’s own choice) or Omari Douglas.

You can see all the actors in the running 这里.


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