Wales adopts UK green list but ministers ‘disappointed’ at unilateral approach – follow travel news live

Wales adopts UK green list but ministers ‘disappointed’ at unilateral approach – follow travel news live
All four devolved nations have taken the same approach

Pays de Galles has confirmed it will fall into step with the latest updates to the red, amber and green lists for travel, but ministers have said they are “extremely disappointed” by the UK government’s “unilateral approach”.

England announced its review to the traffic light lists on Wednesday evening, with seven additions to the liste verte, four countries bumped up from red to amber, four demoted from amber red, and France stripped of its controversial amber plus status.

Scotland and Northern Ireland swiftly followed suit, making the same changes to their lists shortly after.

But Wales only grudgingly confirmed it would adopt the same policies last night, with ministers calling Westminster’s lack of engagement with the devolved nations “unacceptable”.

Ailleurs, tour operators and holiday companies have reported a rise in bookings following the latest announcement.

Hays Travel, the UK’s largest independent travel agent, saw bookings shoot up by 193 per cent on Thursday following relaxation of the travel rules for some countries.

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Trips taken during school summer holidays cost £400 more on average

Family holidays taken during the summer school break are on average £418 more expensive compared to the same trips in September during term time, selon de nouvelles recherches

Currency expert FairFX analysed the cost of 390 holidays to six popular European holiday destinations from three different holiday providers for a family of four, comparing prices in August to the cost of the same trip in September.

The investigation revealed holidays to Croatia cost twice as much in August compared to the beginning of September, with parents potentially forking out an additional £1,422 to take a trip during the summer holiday – an increase of 68 pour cent.

For families hoping to head on a summer break to Italy, jetting off in August could see parents paying over £300 more compared to departing in September.

The only destination with a less significant increase was Greece, where FairFX’s investigation found prices went up by just £49 compared to term-time trips.

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Travel agent sees holiday bookings soar

The UK’s largest independent travel agent, Hays Travel, saw bookings shoot up by 193 per cent on Thursday following the latest update to the UK travel rules.

Dame Irene Hays, chair of Hays Travel, Raconté Nouvelles du ciel: “What we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks is a lot of inquiries and so we had many people who were ready to book them, we’re just waiting for the announcements from the Secretary of State.”

She urged travellers to ensure they book with a “reputable travel agent” following comments from transport secretary Grant Shapps admitting he could “never say there is zero chance” that Spain and other popular holiday destinations might be placed on the red list in future.

Dame Irene said: “As long as people are careful where they book, the travel agent will look after the two things which are most importantone is their health and safety, and second is their financial security.”

Elle a ajouté: “Just to say that at the moment, we will see some of the best prices and travel industry that we’ve seen in years.”

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