Want a Nintendo Switch? These are the best deals on consoles right now

Want a Nintendo Switch? These are the best deals on consoles right now
Want a Nintendo Switch? We’ve found the best deals and cheapest prices on consoles and bundles to shop right now, 来自亚马逊, Currys and more

Since the original 安慰 launched in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been incredibly popular with gamers of all ages and, as such, Switch deals are extremely hard to come by.

With the ability to bring everything from Pokémon and Animal Crossing to Mario and Zelda to life in your hands, the Switch is undoubtedly one of the brand’s most successful launches ever.

But with consistently good sales for a number of years, followed by fluctuating stock levels due to an even greater surge in demand during the 大流行病, it makes sense that the brand would be reluctant to offer any major reductions. And be warned – when a discount does drop, Switches tend to sell out fast.

然而, if you’ve got your heart set on a Nintendo Switch (£270, 亚马逊) or a Nintendo Switch lite (£192.97, 亚马逊) and you want to save some cash wherever you can, we’ve managed to find some savings on the consoles, accessories and games that are well worth having on your radar.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right option for you and our pick of the best Nintendo Switch deals to shop now.


The best Nintendo Switch deals are:

  • Nintendo Switch neon red and blue: Was £299.99, now £270, 亚马逊
  • Nintendo Switch lite grey: 原价 199.99 英镑, now £192.97, 亚马逊
  • Nintendo Switch lite turquoise: Was £199, now £194, 亚马逊
  • Nintendo Switch lite coral: Was £209.99, now £188.49, 亚马逊
  • Nintendo Switch lite yellow: 原价 199.99 英镑, now £179.99, 亚马逊
  • Nintendo Switch lite and ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ bundle: Was £238.99, now £209, Currys.co.uk
  • Nintendo Switch lite, ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ bundle – grey: Was £258.96, 现在 239 英镑, Currys.co.uk

Nintendo Switch neon red and blue

One of the most recognisable games consoles out there, this package includes the device and Switch dock in black and the contrasting Joy-Con controllers that allow for individual or two-player action. From long car journeys to commuting, play on-the-go with up to nine hours of battery life. In a price unmatched anywhere else, you can enjoy 10 per cent off the device on Amazon right now.

Nintendo Switch lite grey

Dedicated to handheld play wherever you are, the Nintendo Switch lite is a more affordable and lightweight console. With its 5.5in touch screen and up to seven hours battery life, it’s perfect for gaming on the go. The resolution is even the same as larger versions.

Nintendo Switch lite turquoise

If you’re after a console that’s a bit brighter and bolder, the Switch lite in turquoise is a great option. Slightly cheaper at £199, Amazon is home to the most competitive price on the device right now.

Nintendo Switch lite coral

One of the cheapest colourways you can buy, Amazon has the best price on the coral Switch lite right now. Enjoy built-in controllers, compatibility with any Switch game and both multiplayer and individual modes. Like the other lites, it weighs just 276g, meaning it’s super lightweight.

Nintendo Switch lite yellow

One of the brightest Switch lites available, this yellow colourway is reduced by £20 on Amazon right now. Compact and lightweight, it’s ideal for gaming on-the-go.

Nintendo Switch lite and ‘Mario Kart 8 豪华房’ bundle

Currys is offering nearly £30 off this bundle including the 马里奥赛车 8 deluxe game right now. One of the most popular colourways of the Switch lite, the grey device boasts a 5.5in display, built-in controllers and is compatible with any game in handheld mode.

Nintendo Switch lite, ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ bundle, 灰色的

Save nearly £20 on this Nintendo Switch lite bundle that includes both Minecraft超级马里奥 3D 全明星. The lightweight, classic grey console is perfect for popping in your bag for spontaneous gaming. As well as the two games that are included, there’s a wealth of others available in the Nintendo Switch library.

Nintendo Switch FAQs

Which Nintendo Switch should I buy?

There are currently two key versions of the Switch on sale. The first incarnation, the Nintendo Switch, is a handheld device that can also be used as a more traditional home console, allowing you to play games on your TV as well as on its built-in touchscreen.

The Nintendo Switch comes with detachable joy-con controllers that enable wireless play when the device is docked in the supplied cradle – two controllers are supplied initially, but you can have up to eight players in this mode if you purchase more separately.

It’s most instantly recognisable in its red and blue colourway (£270, 亚马逊) – it was also previously available in grey, but this option has officially been discontinued and therefore is usually more expensive.

The other console option is the Nintendo Switch lite (£192.97, 亚马逊): a smaller, more lightweight and more affordable console that only offers handheld play, and is therefore great for gaming on the go (not that the tablet-sized original isn’t, to be fair).

The touchscreen is smaller on the lite – 5.5in compared to the larger version’s 6.2in – but the resolution is the same, making for an impressive visual experience, whichever Switch you invest in. Both consoles also include 32GB of internal memory, which you can expand upon with microSDHC or microSDXC cards.

The Nintendo Switch lite is also available in grey, as well as fun pastel colours such as coral and turquoise.

A new version of the Nintendo Switch, rumoured to be called the Nintendo Switch pro, could reportedly drop before the end of the year. It’s said to have features including a larger, brighter screen, a better processor and an impressive battery life – but Nintendo has yet to confirm any details, so if you’re holding out for this model, you’ll have to sit tight.

How to get the best Nintendo Switch deals

On its own, the Nintendo Switch typically retails from £279, rising to around £319.99 when part of a bundle with one game, and up to £359.99 when bundled with two. A bundle is usually the best deal as you’ll always make a saving compared to the cost of buying the game and console individually.

If you’re shopping for the larger, multifunctional Nintendo Switch, it’s also helpful to check whether the listing is for a V1 or V2 edition.

The former is the original 2017 version, which has considerably worse battery life as this was the main thing that Nintendo improved upon in the new edition, which it quietly started distributing in 2019.

Most retailers will only stock the V2 these days but it’s not always clear what is stocked when you’re looking at resale sites or descriptions without much detail. If you’re unsure, look to the packaging – the box for the V2 has a bright red background and should have a serial number starting with XKW.

The Nintendo Switch lite usually starts at around £199, with bundles from £219 with selected games. As above, buying the lite with a game usually represents the best value for money.


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