Warnings fresh storms set to hit UK – follow London floods live

Warnings fresh storms set to hit UK - follow London floods live
Parts of London inundated for second time in less than a month


London weather: City awash with flooding and heavy rain

More thunderstorms are on the way in England, the day after London experienced flash floods following almost a month’s worth of rainfall on Sunday.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for thunderstorms and rain in England and Scotland for the next four days, which could cause more flooding and transport disruption.

After the heavy downpour on Sunday, flooding damaged properties and led to road closures.

Major incidents were declared at two east London hospitals, with 100 patients being evacuated from Whipps Cross Hospital. Meanwhile, more than 1000 flood-related calls have been made to the London Fire Brigade.

The floods came as St James’s Park recorded 41.8mm of rain on Sunday, almost as much as the capital’s average July total of 45mm.

Follow live updates below:


Flash floods hit several parts of London

Following a week of high temperatures, thunderstorms have caused flooding across the capital.

Lamiat Sabin has this initial report.

Parts of London flooded as post-heatwave thunderstorm warning issued

The thunderstorms followed a week of high temperatures in the capital

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:16

Met Office: Amber warning issued

The Met Office has issued an amber warning covering much of the city saying that heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms are likely to cause surface water flooding.

Flooding of homes and businesses is likely and could happen quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater and isolated lightning strikes.

The agency also warns that where flooding or lightning strikes occur, delays and some cancellations to train and bus services are likely.

Spray and sudden flooding probably leading to difficult driving conditions and some road closures

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:22

Deep standing water pictured in North London

Twitter user Paul Chan shows how quickly water built up in the torrential rain.

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:23

Scary driving conditions seen near Hampstead Heath

Stunning scenes recorded near Hampstead Heath by New York Times journalist Elizabeth Paton.

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:26

300 calls to fire brigade

London Fire Brigade has now taken in excess of 300 calls concerning the flooding.

In a post on Twitter the organisation asks people to avoid driving or walking through floodwater and to only call 999 in an emergency.

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:32

Traffic moving through deep water in Nine Elms

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:34

Pedestrians wade through floods in Hackney Wick

Pedestrians are wading through shin-deep water in Hackney Wick.

One Twitter user captured these videos.

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:38

The scene in St James’ Park

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:46

Are the London floods linked to the climate crisis?

After similar scenes in the capital on 12 July, our environment correspondent Harry Cockburn asked whether flooding in London is connected to the climate crisis.

As average global temperatures rise, the atmosphere can hold more water, worsening impacts of heavy rainfall, scientists warn.

Are London floods linked to the climate crisis?

As average global temperatures rise, the atmosphere can hold more water, worsening impacts of heavy rainfall, scientists warn

Meteorologists are always especially careful not to conflate short-term weather with long term climate, as sometimes freak weather events may have no clear link to the climate crisis.

However, over longer periods of time, extreme weather incidents can build up patterns which then provide scientists with new trends which can be at least partly attributed to the alterations in the global climate caused by human-made emissions.

Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 17:53

Flooding has also hit parts of Belgium

Across the Channel, flooding also hit parts of Belgium this weekend washing away cars and pavements. The town of Dinant was hit by the worst flooding in decades after a two-hour thunderstorm.

Cars washed away as dangerous floods devastate Belgian town
Oliver O’Connell25 July 2021 18:02


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