We’ve found the best cashmere jumpers for every budget

We’ve found the best cashmere jumpers for every budget
Whether you’re after black, pink or navy, we’ve found the best women’s cashmere jumpers for every budget from Marks and Spencer, Next, Pure Collection and more

When it comes to the jumpers in our wardrobes, there’s one thing we’d always recommend looking for: timeless designs in fabrics that are cosy and comfortable.

And there’s one style that you’ll inevitably reach for more than others, and that’s cashmere. Of course, as materials go it has connotations of being high end and luxury, and often out of budget.

While this rings true with many designer brands charging through the roof for their designs, you can find great quality knits from high street brands, including the likes of M&S, Next and Uniqlo.

This is not to say you should always opt for the cheapest options because, from experience, these do tend to lose shape despite looking after them carefully.

But, to help you on your quest to find the perfect cashmere jumper whatever your budget, we’ve done the hard work for you and tested the heirloom sweaters that really are worth your money. And they will undoubtedly be the hardest working item in your wardrobe.

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How we tested

When assessing each of these jumpers, we paid close attention to a variety of factors: price, how well it washed, comfort and versatility. The jumpers selected are the ones we think you’ll want to return to year on year, which will help to keep cost per wear down.

Owing to rigorous testing, we think these really are the crème de la crème of the cashmere world, so you won’t get stitched up by ordering one of these.

The best cashmere jumpers for 2022 are:

  • Best high street cashmere jumper – Next cashmere jumper: £95, Next.co.uk
  • Best pink cashmere jumper – Me+Em cashmere cast-off edge jumper: £275, Meandem.com
  • Best collection selection – Pure Collection women’s cashmere boyfriend sweater: £150, Purecollection.com
  • Best under £80 cashmere jumper – M&S pure collection crew neck jumper: £79, Marksandspencer.com
  • Best roll neck – Jigsaw cashmere ren turtle jumper: £129, Jigsaw-online.com
  • Best cashmere hoodie – Ted Baker liilani long sleeved cashmere hoodie: £225, Tedbaker.com
  • Best black cashmere jumper – All Saints Kiera cashmere roll neck jumper: £183, Allsaints.com
  • Best lightweight knit – La Redoute cashmere turtleneck jumper: £64.75, Laredoute.co.uk
  • Best navy cashmere jumper – Uniqlo 100% cashmere crew neck: £59.90, Uniqlo.com
  • Best high neck cashmere jumper – Hush Mila cashmere jumper: £250, Hush-uk.com
  • Best cable knit design – Crumpet Cashmere cable sweater cream: £380, Crumpetcashmere.com

Next cashmere jumper

Best: High street cashmere jumper

Rating: 10/10

As high street cashmere jumpers go, this competes with the heavyweight brands that stock the equivalent at double, if not triple the price. It has a ribbed neckline and cuffs, with a slightly oversized fit that makes it a total dream to wear. Owing to its thickness, it’s the perfect layering piece, and works well with every outfit we’ve paired it with so far, whether that’s leopard print jeans or a black mini skirt. All in all, it’s a faultless knit that we predict will stand the test of time.

Me+Em cashmere cast-off edge jumper

Best: Pink cashmere jumper

Rating: 8/10

Dopamine dressing is where it’s at, and if you’re looking to add some additional colour to your outfits, this cashmere jumper is ideal. The bold pink colour and contrasting cotton trim makes it a personal favourite and it’s becoming a linchpin in our wardrobe. If you’re unsure on how to style it, then we’d go as far as to say it goes with just about everything. And as brand’s go, Me+Em is one you can trust thanks to its well-considered designs and silhouettes.

Pure Collection women’s cashmere boyfriend sweater

Best: Colour selection

Rating: 9/10

Pure Collection’s jumpers are loved by the likes of Holly Willoughby and we can wholeheartedly see why. Its cashmere selection is vast, but it’s this boyfriend fit number that caught our eye. The slightly oversized fit means you have that effortless borrowed-from-the-boys look, which we love. But where it really excels is the colour and pattern selection, there really is something for every taste, whether it’s stripes or black. The quality and design is faultless, we’ll certainly be returning for another colour soon.

M&S Autograph pure collection crew neck jumper

Best: Under £80 cashmere jumper

Rating: 9/10

As brand’s go, high street stalwart M&S excels at cashmere at affordable prices: cue this gorgeous jumper. While it comes in at under £80, clearly no expenses have been spared. It feels as luxurious as some of the sweaters that are double its price. What’s more, it comes in a huge range of colours. We opted for the dusky rose, but frankly, they’re all equally as covetable, so you’re in safe hands regardless of the one you choose. Depending on the type of fit you like, we’d recommend sizing up.

Jigsaw cashmere ren turtle jumper

Best: Roll neck

Rating: 9/10

It’s hard not to fall in love with this jumper from Jigsaw, it’s oversized, super soft and has the perfect roll neck – we’d got as far as to say it’s quickly become one of the hardest working pieces in our wardrobe. With an incredibly luxurious feel, we don’t think you’ll regret making the investment. If you’re looking for a party outfit, wear the jumper with these well-priced sequinned trousers (£35, Mintvelvet.co.uk) for a low-key look. If it’s looked after well, we think this turtle neck will see you through winter after winter.

Ted Baker liilani long sleeved cashmere hoodie

Best: Cashmere hoodie

Rating: 8/10

While we might not be exclusively wearing our loungewear anymore, a hooded cashmere jumper certainly should not be disregarded. This one from Ted Baker is a dream to wear, it has exaggerated puff sleeves and it feels every bit of luxe as you’d expect. It’s an ideal pick for everything from the school run, to off-duty styling days, just make sure to keep coffee, red wine and muddy paws as far away from you as possible. We’ve got our eyes on the cashmere joggers (£195, Tedbaker.com) to really complete the look.

All Saints Kiera cashmere roll neck jumper

Best: Black cashmere jumper

Rating: 9/10

All Saints is a go-to for boxy knitwear and this cashmere roll neck will not disappoint. It’s weightier than the others in this round-up, which makes it feel particularly luxe – always a win. It’s also more eco conscious than some of the others featured as it’s made from recycled cashmere, which only adds to its appeal. A reliable choice that won’t let you down.

La Redoute cashmere turtleneck jumper

Best: Lightweight knit

Rating: 8/10

Unlike some of the others in this round-up, this lightweight cashmere knit has a tapered cut. It makes the perfect workwear piece, especially when worn with funky trousers (we like the abba trouser, £45, Motelrocks.com). But of course, it’s a great everyday essential, too. It has all the attributes of the perfect cashmere jumper: it’s soft, comfortable and versatile. While we fell for the extremely wearable grey, it’s also available in a bright red if you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your outfit. The best bit is that it comes in at just under £65 in the sale.

Uniqlo women 100% cashmere crew neck

Best: Navy cashmere jumper

Rating: 8/10

As brands go, Uniqlo is known for its high-quality basics at reasonable price points. And it does cashmere jumpers extremely well. This crew neck design has been designed in a particular way to prevent the fabric from piling, which is a big bonus. While navy is the colour we gravitated towards thanks to it being chic and timeless, there are more than 10 others to choose from. In terms of fit, we opted for a jumper two sizes bigger than we usually take, giving a slightly more boxy look.

Hush Mila cashmere jumper

Best: High neck cashmere jumper

Rating: 8/10

If you’re looking for something to well and truly wrap yourself up in, then this Hush jumper should fill the void. It has a mock neck and an oversized, relaxed fit. We think it looks great when loosely tucked into high-waisted jeans. Owing to the colour, it will slot in nicely into your wardrobe and will most definitely be something you’ll be able to wear on repeat. It’s great quality, cosy and warm, meaning it’s a big winner with us.

Crumpet Cashmere cable sweater cream

Best: Cable knit design

Rating: 9/10

For a sweater that has an undeniably chic design, you can’t go wrong with Crumpet Cashmere. From the moment we took this out of its packaging, we knew it’d become a mainstay in our wardrobe, pairing with just about everything – including leather trousers (£47, Marksandspencer.com), jeans (£15.99, Zara.com) or over shorts (£25.99, Zara.com) and tights. As for the cable knit design, it’s a firm favourite and fairly rare to find in cashmere. With its hefty price tag, it is the most expensive jumper by far within this selection, but if you’re looking to make the investment, this is the one to pick.

Cashmere jumper FAQs

How to wash cashmere

If washing your cashmere is causing your concern, we asked Steamery’s CEO and co-founder, Frej Lewenhaupt to share some words of wisdom. He recommends handwashing your cashmere due to “it being a more gentle process” – and while you can wash your cashmere in the washing machine, “make sure to choose a gentle cycle suitable for wool garments and to use an enzyme-free laundry detergent that nourishes the cashmere wool.

“If you get a stain on your cashmere garment, make sure to treat the stain directly and to use a gentle stain remover,” Lewenhaupt added. You can then “treat just the stain with stain remover and lukewarm water and avoid washing the whole garment”.

How to dry cashmere

“When it comes to drying your cashmere garment the most gentle way is to let it air-dry on a flat surface, to prevent them from losing shape,” advised Lewenhaupt. He notes that you can “also put the garment on a towel and roll the garment into the towel to press out the water very gently”.

How much do cashmere sweaters cost?

Cashmere jumpers do tend to be more expensive than your standard chunky knit because of the type of wool that is used. The price can range anywhere between £80 upwards, depending on the brand. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option, our affordable pick is the M&S pure collection crew neck jumper (£79, Marksandspencer.com), which is an absolute steal, yet still high quality.

How to care for a cashmere jumper

Rather interestingly, Lewenhaupt notes that cashmere jumpers “require less care than you might think since they are naturally antibacterial”. So, it’s important to keep in mind that it shouldn’t be washed too often. “After using your garment, we recommend airing out your knitwear and spraying it with a fabric spray if needed. Steaming your knitwear will keep your garment fresh in between washes,” he adds.

If you notice lint and pilling on your items, we’d recommend using a debobbler – our personal favourite is the Steamery fabric shaver (Amazon.co.uk), which works wonders on knits. It extends the lifecycle of clothes and removes any unwanted lint, pilling, threads and fuzz. After consistent use, you’ll notice less piling.

Another important tip from Lewenhaupt is to store your cashmere jumpers folded because putting them on hangers will make them lose their shape.

How long do cashmere sweaters last?

“When investing in a cashmere sweater you get a very luxurious wool material, with a silky feeling that is great for keeping you warm,” notes Lewenhaupt. While it’s difficult to say how long it will last, he notes that “if you take proper care of your cashmere sweaters – washing less, steaming in between washes, and removing piling with a debobbler, your cashmere garments will look great and last much longer”.

Cashmere vs merino wool: Which is better?

Cashmere comes from goats and has a higher loft, which makes it softer than merino wool, which is derived from sheep. Another reason to opt for cashmere is the fact it can in fact be warmer than merino. But, the downside is that it’s not quite as durable and as easy to care for. As for which is best, it’s certainly down to personal preference, and both fabrics do give a slightly different look. Where cashmere lends itself to more sleek, elegant designs, merino wool is ideal for chunky knits.

The verdict: Women’s cashmere jumpers

Of course, all the knits here are well worthy of a spot in your wardrobe, if you’re looking for a pop of colour as well as a high neck to keep you extra snuggly, you can’t go wrong with Me+Em’s cashmere cast off jumper. – we’ve been wearing it on repeat. If it’s something versatile, cosy and a little more pocket friendly, Next’s cashmere jumper came up trumps – there’s no denying that we’ll be wearing it all year round.

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