We’ve found the best Cyber Monday gaming deals to shop now

We’ve found the best Cyber Monday gaming deals to shop now
サイバー月曜日 2021 is here. Get ready to bag a bargain with these post-Black Friday gaming deals from Amazon and Very on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

It’s the end of November, and you know what that means: ブラックフライデー is winding down and has made way for サイバー月曜日.

Although deals have been dropping since the beginning of the month, Cyber Monday isn’t just the dregs of the sale, as we often see extra discounts added and new items added to the sale, whether it’s 家電, おもちゃ, 美容製品, テレビ または スマートフォン.

ライブでフォロー: The best Cyber Monday deals to shop now

Because there are often so many tech offers still up for grabs on Cyber Monday, できめ細かいアプローチを取っています IndyBest. We’ve got guides on テレビ, 技術, そして, もちろん, ゲーム.

And for those of you who like to live your life online – guilty as charged – Cyber Monday couldn’t be more up your street. No physical queues, in-store fights or nightmare parking – it already sounds like a win.

We’ve also explained everything we know about finding deals on the PS4 そしてその ニンテンドースイッチ, which is expected to get an even bigger discount this time around, following the release of the new Nintendo Switch OLED.


The best gaming Cyber Monday 2021 お得な情報

NintendoSwitchのネオンレッド/ネオンブルーのバンドルと「マリオカート」 8 Deluxe’ and three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership: Was £329.98, 今£259.99, Argos.co.uk

The red and blue neon version of the Nintendo Switch is our favourite colour variant, and now this bundle with マリオカート 8 is on sale at its lowest ever price. いつものように, you get the neon colourway with its contrasting joy-cons, as well as the black Switch dock. With this Cyber Monday deal, you’re essentially just paying for the console and getting マリオカート と3ヶ月のNintendoSwitchOnlineメンバーシップを無料で. Pick it up now and you’ll be racing around Rainbow Road (オンライン) in no time.


‘The Sims 4’, 標準版: £34.99でした, now £4.19, Amazon.co.uk

Who could forget the hype following the release of シムズ 4 – and now, おかげで Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale, you can add the game to your repertoire for just £4.19. はい, you read that right – that’s a colossal 88 パーセントオフ. With bigger, more relatable personalities and even more powerful tools to play with, you can give your Sim a more distinct look while crafting their dream pad – furnishings, layout and all. この価格で, we suggest snapping it up sharpish.


Oculusクエスト 2 バーチャルリアリティヘッドセット: £299 with £50 voucher, Currys.co.uk

Oculusクエスト 2 2つのフレーバーがあります. 小さい128GBモデルは通常299ポンドで販売されています, 一方、より大きな256GBモデルでは、約399ポンドに戻ります。. While the prices haven’t been lowered, いずれかのバージョンを購入すると、£50のバウチャーを受け取ることができます。 カリーズ. ヘッドセットの焦点はアクセシビリティにあります, そしてそれはほとんどの人がバーチャルリアリティに入る最も安い方法のままです. 軽量です, ワイヤーフリーで持ち運びが簡単で、透き通った高解像度スクリーンを備えています. また、ワイヤレスインターネット接続とログインできるFacebookアカウントがあれば、コンソールやPCを接続する必要もありません。, 箱から出してもいいです.


HTC Vive cosmos VR headset: £699でした, now £619, Amazon.co.uk

聞こえますか? It’s the loud, completely virtual jingle jangle of the metaverse, and it’s the future! If you want to get ready for it, then HTC’s Vive cosmos VR headset is currently on sale at Amazon, who has kindly knocked £80 off its recommended retail price. The PC-tethered headsets features inside-out tracking, a six-camera tracking faceplate and a crisp 3.4in 2880 NS 1700 resolution LCD display. With an ever-growing catalogue of VR games on Steam and the Viveport, you’ll always have a virtual world to fight the boredom.


‘Death Stranding’: £54.99でした, now £16.49, Steam.com

This is a great deal on the world-famous game creator Hideo Kojima’s otherworldly adventure game, デスストランディング. 私たちの のレビュー デスストランディング called it “the best, most interesting and radical game” of 2019. If you’re a PC gamer, we’d highly recommend you browse Steam’s “autumn sale”, as it often discounts blockbuster titles such as this heavily. Get in quickly though – the deals expire on the 1st December.


Razer blackshark v2 X wired gaming headset: £59.99でした, now £35.99, Amazon.co.uk

Razer’s blackshark v2 X gaming headset is currently 40 per cent off at Amazon. The headset features a 50mm audio driver that the company promises sounds like three drivers in one. Gamers are able to tune high, mid and low audio frequencies individually. The microphone also features a bendable design so that you can position it as near or far from your face as necessary. The slightly more expensive Razer blackshark v2 pro is our top pick in our round-up of the 最高のゲーミングヘッドセット.


Razer iskur premium gaming chair: Was £349.98, 今£279.99, Ebuyer.com

Help to avoid poor posture or back pain, even after hours of continuous play (remember to take breaks!), with this chair that provides lumbar support and offers arm rests, height adjustment and plush foam cushions. It’ll withstand everyday wear and tear thanks to its multi-layered synthetic leather, while also keeping you comfortable every time you play. With this discount from Ebuyer, the iskur is now cheaper than the budget-friendly Razer enki gaming chair (£339.99, Razer.com), which earned a spot in our round-up of the best Christmas gifts for gamers in 2021.


Razer huntsman elite mechanical gaming keyboard: £199.99でした, now £126, Amazon.co.uk

The Razer huntsman elite is a full-size gaming keyboard. It features configurable optical and linear optical switches, as well as under-glow LED lights on the wrist rest and keyboard itself. The V2 analog version of the Razer huntsman features in our round-up of the 最高のゲーミングキーボード. The elite is exactly the same as the huntsman v2 analog, just without the V2’s programmable joystick. You can get 37 per cent off the product’s original price right now.


SteelSeries arctis prime: £99.99でした, 今£79.99, Currys.co.uk

If you’ve had enough of that blasted audio lag levelling down your game when using your current wireless gaming headset, then this deal on the SteelSeries arctis prime wired headset is for you. It won a place in our round-up of the 最高のゲーミングヘッドセット, with our reviewer praising its lightweight design. This means “it won’t feel too heavy on your head with 40mm drivers ensuring sound is strong and competent”.


SanDisk ultra 256GB microSD card for Nintendo Switch: Was £48.99, now £20.89, Amazon.co.uk

A microSD card might not feel like the most exciting of purchases but it’s near essential if you plan on loading up on Nintendo Switch games from the Nintendo eShop store this Cyber Monday. This 256GB card from SanDisk landed a spot in our round-up of the best Switch accessories, with our writer saying that “setup is a simple matter of slotting the card into the clearly placed microSD slot on your console. There’s no need to format or do anything more complicated than that.”


PlayStation Network Plus 12-month membership: £49.99でした, now £33.32, Shopto.net

ShopTo has one of the best PlayStation Network Plus deals we’ve seen so far during the Black Friday event. The retailer has slashed the price of the 12-month membership from £49.99 to just £29.85 when you add the coupon code “EXTRATEN” at check out. That’s a saving of 40 パーセント. You get a selection of PS5 and PS4 games to play each month, access to online play and 100GB of free cloud storage. If you’re already a PS Plus subscriber, this code will extend your membership by another year.


Logitech G pro X gaming headset: £79.99でした, now £56.99, Argos.co.uk

Add these to your cart now, and you can save almost 29 per cent – now that really is music to our ears. Adjustable, noise cancelling and with memory foam ​​earlets for added comfort, we featured the wireless version of the headset in our best gaming headset edit, where our tester was impressed with the “superb” sound quality for both music and gaming. 彼らは付け加えた: “On PC, the headset offers a number of presets that really make the audio pop no matter what you’re listening to, and the microphone is simply the best around, rivalling dedicated stand-alone mics for clarity to our ears.”


Xbox elite wireless controller series 2 with a three-month Xbox Game Pass membership for PC: Was £183.99, now £165.98, Amazon.co.uk

シリーズ 2 controller is designed with competitive pro-gamers in mind, featuring new adjustable-tension thumbsticks, shorter hair trigger locks for faster firing speeds and a wrap-around rubberised grip for more comfortable play. With the Xbox Game Pass for PC, you’ll get access to hundreds of free games in the Xbox store, as well as exclusive discounts. With this deal, you’re essentially paying for Microsoft’s official Xbox elite series 2 controller and getting a three-month membership to Xbox Game Pass for PC for just £5 (the membership would usually cost you £24).


Corsair K60 RGB pro mechanical gaming keyboard: Was £109, 今£64.99, Currys.co.uk

Corsair makes some of the best gaming peripherals on the market, and the K-range of mechanical keyboards are no exception. While we haven’t personally tested this one, we featured the newer K70 pro model in our round-up of the 最高のゲーミングキーボード. The K60 pro is completely customisable, so you can program each key to your liking. You can also light up specific keys so that you can see your controls better, and the Cherry Viola switches will make your clicks more precise and consistent.


Razer Nari ultimate wireless gaming headset: Was £199.98, now £79.98, Ebuyer.com

Ditch the wires and invest in a wireless headset specially designed for lag-free gaming performance. Cooling gel infused cushions claim to increase comfort for long periods of wear, while the “Razer hypersense” technology aims to provide immersive and intelligent haptic feedback so you can only hear, but feel, what’s going on around you. It also features gaming/chat balance, which boosts quiet vocals during intense periods of gaming action.


Lenovo legion T7 gaming PC, Intel Core i7-10700K, GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card, 512GB SSD: Was £2,019.66, 今£1,499, Box.co.uk

Legion towers from Lenovo are some of the most well-known gaming PCs on the market. The T7 features the Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series GPU, making your gaming experience crystal clear, plus there is support for ray tracing. You shouldn’t have to worry about your PC overheating either when playing a CPU-intensive game, thanks to the integration of the company’s coldfront 2.0 cooling system. You can currently save a whopping £520 on the T7 in Box’s Cyber Monday sale.


‘Football Manager 2022’ + coaching planner for tactics and squad building: Was £44.99, now £37.85, Shopto.net

The latest version of FM22 brings new ways to find that winning edge and instil footballing success – from a revised transfer deadline day to upgraded in-game dynamics and sequences. This offer is bundled with a coaching planner to guide you through the process of creating your dream team.



いつ ブラックフライデー was exclusively a brick-and-mortar shopping event, online retailers wanted a slice of the highly-profitable cake, so they came up with サイバー月曜日.

Taking place right after Black Friday, this day began as the online equivalent, with web retailers like アマゾン slashing prices and quickly turning the day into the biggest online shopping day of the year. だが, as online shopping has grown, the whole event is of course online too.


テレビの最新割引について, 電化製品, おもちゃなど, 以下のリンクをお試しください:

サイバーマンデーでもっと読む 2021

今年の最高のサイバーマンデーのお得な情報 –私たちが見つけた最高の割引

最高のサイバーマンデーの技術情報 –それが新しい電話契約であろうと、ノイズキャンセリングヘッドホンであろうと, ここで最高のオファーを見つけることができます

最高のサイバーマンデー家電のお得な情報 –今こそ掃除機またはコーヒーマシンをアップグレードするときです

最高のサイバーマンデーゲームのお得な情報 - エックスボックスかプレイステーションか? これがコンソールの割引に関するエキスパートガイドです, コントローラーとゲーム

最高のサイバーマンデー美容のお得な情報 –メイクアップ全体でお気に入りを買いだめ, スキンケア, ヘアケアとフレグランス

最高のサイバーマンデーノートパソコンのお得な情報 –Appleなどの有名ブランドのラップトップには何百ポンドも節約できます, マイクロソフトとHP

最高のサイバーマンデーTVのお得な情報 –全額を支払うことなくホームシネマ体験を更新する

最高のサイバーマンデーの衣料品のお得な情報 –それがブーツであろうとコートであろうと, いくつかの新しいワードローブの必需品に身を任せてください

サイバーマンデーの子供向けおもちゃのお得な情報 –クリスマスの買い物を終わらせ、ディズニーからのオファーをまき散らしてください, レゴ, プレイモービルなど

最高のサイバーマンデースポーツのお得な情報 –自宅のジムをキット化するか、冬のトレーニングワードローブを作成します

最高のサイバーマンデーニンテンドースイッチのお得な情報 –それがOLEDかどうか, あなたが求めているライトまたはオリジナル, これらの割引でレベルアップ

最高のサイバーマンデーマットレスのお得な情報 –Emmaなどのブランドの大きなオファーで安心してください, イブスリープとシンバ

アマゾンサイバーマンデーのお得な情報 –そこにある何百万もの中から最高の掘り出し物の私達の選択

アップルサイバーマンデーのお得な情報 –ブランドのベストセラーで珍しいオファーを見つける, AirPodsからiPhoneへ

アルゴスサイバーマンデーのお得な情報 –子供から家庭用品まですべての割引を見つける, フィットネスとDIY

ベストブーツサイバーマンデーのお得な情報 –美しさを節約するのにこれ以上の時間はありません, スキンケア, 電動歯ブラシなど

ベストカリーズサイバーマンデーのお得な情報 –テレビやラップトップからやかんやコーヒーメーカーまで、あらゆるものに対応

最高のサイバーマンデーダイソンのお得な情報 –ブランドのコード付きで掘り出し物をバッグに入れる, コードレスおよびハンドヘルド掃除機

最高のジョンルイス & パートナーサイバーマンデーのお得な情報 –ハイストリートの強豪はファッションに大きな価格を持っています, 美しさ, 技術, 子供と家庭用品

IndyBest製品レビューは公平です, 信頼できる独立したアドバイス. 場合によっては, リンクをクリックして製品を購入すると、収益が得られます, しかし、これが私たちのカバレッジにバイアスをかけることを決して許しません. レビューは、専門家の意見と実際のテストを組み合わせてまとめられています.