Vi har funnet de beste tidlige Black Friday-tilbudene på TV-er fra Samsung. LG og mer

Vi har funnet de beste tidlige Black Friday-tilbudene på TV-er fra Samsung. LG og mer
Svart fredag 2021 is your chance to grab a bargain on the best TVs around. Here are the 43 tomme, 50 inch and 75 inch deals we’ve found on Samsung, Sony and LG

Svart fredag is now just days away. The annual sales event is synonymous with heavily discounted televisions, but while the sight of shoppers brawling over a cheap Sony Bravia is thankfully a thing of the past, de aller beste Black Friday TV-tilbudene er fortsatt svært ettertraktede på nettet.

Most of the big retailers, gjelder også Amazon, TIL, Currys og Ettromsleilighet, kicked off their Black Friday celebrations early, kraftig rabatt på noen av deres bestselgende TV-er med opptil £500. We’ve already found some eye-catching offers, which we’ve compiled below, but keep checking back all week for even more top deals.

Følg live: De beste Black Friday-tilbudene å handle nå

Her hos IndyBest, we’ve been reporting on Black Friday deals for years and (if you don’t mind us saying) we’ve become really good at filtering out the garbage to bring you the deals that are actually worth paying attention to. To help keep things tidy, we have separate guides to Black Friday deals on teknologi og beauty products, i tillegg til leker, hvitevarer og klær. On this page we’re collecting the best Black Friday deals on TVs, and there’s a complete list of our guides at the end of this article.

Throughout Black Friday 2021, we’ll be here to bring you shopping advice and expert guidance on navigating the retail mayhem, all from the relative safety of your sofa. Our experts will be rounding up the best Black Friday deals as they happen, as well as giving you all of the details you need before the sales event begins. We’ve already found some early Black Friday deals to shop now – read on for everything you need to know, as well as what to expect on the big day.

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Best early 24in to 32in Black Friday TV deals

Toshiba 24WD3C63DB 24in HD smart TV with DVD player: Var £ 199, now £165,

This budget-friendly Toshiba makes an ideal second TV for a bedroom or kitchen. The 720p resolution isn’t as sharp as you’ll find on a more expensive set, which is to be expected, but this 24in display has quality where it matters. The built in DVD player negates the need for fiddling around with extra hardware too.

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Samsung QE32LS03TCUXXU ‘the frame’ 32in QLED smart TV: Was £599, now £359,

Exclusive to Samsung, the frame is designed to blend into the background when not in use and looks at its absolute best when mounted flush to a wall, preferably with some clever wire-disguising. It uses light sensors to detect ambient conditions and gently adjusts the brightness and temperature of the artwork displayed on screen to create the impression of a painting. Per pixel QLED lighting means the screen can be completely black in a dark room, enhancing the illusion when the TV is off and creating impressive, immersive contrast when used for watching TV and movies.

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43in to 48in Black Friday TV deals

Toshiba 43UL2163DBC 43in 4K ultra HD, HDR, freeview play, smart TV: Was £379, now £279,

This 43in 4K Toshiba set has dropped in price by £100, and comes with a set of premium features such as smart upscaling to make older, standard-definition content appear sharper. For a limited time Very is also offering £15 off the Sanus wall mount bracket when bought with this TV. This is a very popular deal, so expect to wait until late December or early January for delivery.

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Philips 43PUS8536 43in smart ambilight 4K ultra HD android TV: Was £649, now £539,

There’s £110 off this 43in Philips TV with built-in ambilight, a cinematic effect that uses a set of embedded lights to create an immersive show surrounding the TV during movies and while playing games. Google Assistant is baked into the user interface too, allowing you to use this 4K TV as the centre of your smart-home system.

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Samsung 2021 43 inch AU7100 UHD 4K HDR smart TV: Kostet £499, now £379,

This entry-level Samsung TV comes equipped with the brand’s 4K upscaling technology and is powered by its “crystal” processor. The HDR10+ means that you should get bright and vivid colours – a great bonus for the small price tag – plus you can get your fix of Netflix, iPlayer and live TV all from the same hub. Buy before 16 November and you can also get a £100 discount on the Samsung A430 soundbar (£ 229, at checkout.

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LG 48in OLED A16LA ultra HD HDR smart TV: Was £1,099, now £649,

The 48in LG OLEDA16LA is the brand’s entry-level OLED set, and during the Black Friday sale it’s the cheapest any LG OLED TV has ever been. A step above LCD/LED screens, OLED technology offers per-pixel illumination – which looks more similar to a phone screen than a traditional TV screen – and so can achieve vastly improved contrast, colour and definition. The A1 series is the most affordable OLED that LG makes, and with £450 off it’s one of the best Black Friday TV deals you’ll find this year.

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LG OLED C1 48in 4K HDMI 2.1 smart TV with Dolby vision IQ: Was £1,299, now £999,

The LG OLED48C16LA is relatively compact for an OLED TV at “just” 48in. derimot, thanks to the use of top-end OLED panel technology and Dolby Atmos tuned speakers, it still delivers a rich and cinematic viewing experience. It’d be the ideal choice for anyone with a small flat or who doesn’t want the TV to dominate the living space like some other OLED behemoths in this list. Right now at Box there’s a £300 discount.

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55in to 58in Black Friday TV deals

Philips 55OLED706/12 55in smart 4K ultra HD HDR OLED TV with Google Assistant: Was £1,399, now £979,

This 55in screen from Philips features the brand’s cinematic ambilight technology, which uses coloured lights embedded in the frame of the TV to create immersive effects when watching movies or playing games. This Philips TV also has Google Assistant built in, making searching for something to watch, or setting reminders, easier with just the sound of your voice. The OLED display is the best screen tech you can currently buy, and for less than £1,000 it’s an eye-catching offersaving you £400 in the process.

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Samsung QE55Q70AATXXU 55in QLED 4K smart airslim TV: Was £1,199, now £849,

This 55in 4K QLED TV from Samsung is one of the best-spec mid-range TVs around. The TV runs on a quantum 4K processor, so it’s great for gaming, albeit a little slower than the flagship Samsung Q90T telly in 2020. It also comes with six built-in speakers, meaning you should get some neat pseudo surround sound effects without the need for a soundbar. You can save £200 on this model right now.

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Samsung 55in QE55Q60A Smart QLED 4K UHD TV: Var £ 699, now £584.10,

While this isn’t technically a Black Friday deal, Argos has dropped a special offer on this model. An already cheap QLED smart TV, this 55in Samsung Q60 promises fantastic image quality, cinematic colour reproduction and high-end Samsung features such as HDR10+ processing and AI upscaling. The £50 discount is nothing to be sniffed at either, and by using the Argos discount code ‘TV10’ at checkout you can enjoy a further 10 prosent (£64.90) av.

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Toshiba 58UK3163DB 58in smart 4K ultra HD TV: Was £529, now £449,

Festooned with built-in streaming apps and catch-up services, this 58in smart TV from Toshiba puts a world of entertainment at your media-hungry fingertips. It features a 4K ultra high-definition LED screen with HDR for more vivid colours and a wider contrast between dark and light areas. And in-built Alexa lets you change channels and summon your favourite shows with your voice.

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65in Black Friday TV deals

Panasonic TX65JX800B 65in 4K ultra HD HDR smart LED TV: Was £1,199, now £699,

This mid-range 65in Panasonic TV has had a massive 42 per cent reduction, saving you £500. It’s a 4K HDR10+ TV with local dimming technology for improved contrast, plus Dolby vision and Dolby atmos signal processing, so you know the sound quality and picture are going to be top notch. Better yet, it works with Alexa and the Google Assistant, and comes with Freeview Play built-in, letting you control on-demand entertainment with just your voice.

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Samsung UE65TU8300KXXU 65in, curved crystal 4K HDR, smart TV: Was £649, now £549,

Curved TVs aren’t a design fad. They increase the field of view on very large screens and make for a more immersive experience, no matter where in the room you’re sitting. There’s currently £100 off this Samsung LED set. It has a 4K display and offers smart technology, so you’ll be able to stream all your favourites in high quality using the brand’s streamlined user interface.. Looking for something a little smaller? Very is also discounting the 55in version of this curved Samsung TV (var £ 699, now £479,

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Sony Bravia XR OLED XR65A80J 65in OLED 4K ultra HD HDR Google TV: Was £2,699, now £1,799,

There’s an impressive £900 off this 65in Sony Bravia. The 4K OLED screen is less than a year old and is powered by Google’s smart TV tech, and uses Sony’s clever acoustic technology to create sounds from behind the display that react to what’s happening on screen. This is a cutting edge TV at a head-turning discount.

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Samsung the frame 65in QLED TV: Was £1,999, now £1,199,

Samsung’s ominously titled QLED TV, “the frame” disguises itself as a framed piece of art while not in use. Clever ambient light sensors detect the light levels in the room and adjusts the warmth and brightness of the display to appear natural. Switch it on and it becomes a stunning, sharp and vivid display, feature-packed with smart voice assistant support and dynamic contrast. With £800 off, this is the cheapest we’ve seen the 2020, 65in model go for.

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Sony Bravia KE65A8/P 65in OLED TV: Was £2,399, now £1,699,

The Bravia range from Sony is well respected for its premium design and quality. Faktisk, we’ve named the Bravia product as the “best for audio” in our round up of the best 4K televisions on the market at the moment. This TV features Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor powering the device’s 4K HDR image –meaning there’s dedicated hardware ensuring the best possible picture is delivered. Sony’s clever acoustic surface audio design means that the sound is coming straight from the screen too – invisible vibrations make sure that there’s an exemplary match between what you hear and what you see on-screen.

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Samsung UE70AU8000 70in smart 4K ultra HD TV: Was £799, now £699,

This absolute unit of a 4K TV currently has £100 off at AO, making it the cheapest supersized set we’ve seen this Black Friday. LED is a step below Samsung’s leading QLED tech, but you simply won’t find a 70in QLED screen anywhere near this price. Picture quality is excellent and fast response times make the UE70AU8000 idea for gaming. Samsung’s intuitive user interface makes navigating its menus a breeze, også.

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75in Black Friday TV deals

Samsung 2021 75in Q60A QLED 4K quantum HDR smart TV: Was £1,599, now £1,099,

This is a great Black Friday deal on a large, entry-level Samsung quantum LED set. The Q60A is the updated version of last year’s Q60T and is a wallet-friendly alternative to the more advanced and expensive Q70A set, offering excellent contrast ratio and colour reproduction, as well low input lag for gaming. It’s proving so popular in Very’s early Black Friday sale, faktisk, that you’ll have to wait until early December for more stock to arrive.

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Samsung UE75AU9000 75in UHD crystal view smart TV: Was £1,599, now £999,

There’s a generous £500 taken off the price of this 75in 4K smart TV from Samsung. This is a top-rated set launched in 2021, with crystal clear image quality, HDR compatibility for deeper blacks and brighter whites, support for multiple voice assistants and AI-optimised sound.

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Sony Bravia KD75X85JU 75in Smart 4K Ultra HD TV: Was £1,749, now £1,349,

This deal sees a £400 saving on a huge, 75in Sony Bravia TV with Dolby Vision, Freeview HD and voice control via the Google Assistant. The TV has a 4K resolution and is powered by Sony’s own X1 processor which promises vibrant colours and improved clarity. The Google TV operating system gives access to Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV and other popular streaming services.

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Hva er Black Friday?

Svart fredag is an annual global shopping event, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day. Traditionally a one-day sales event, it now spans the entire weekend and culminates in a closing event, Cyber ​​mandag, which often eclipses Black Friday itself in sales terms.

I år, Black Friday faller på 26 November and we expect there to be hundreds of thousands of deals to be found across every product category.

Hva er historien til Black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving Day traditionally signalled the start of the Christmas shopping season in the United States. The earliest known use of the term “Black Friday” dates back to at least the Sixties, when it was used by the Philadelphia police to describe the dense traffic jams caused by families returning home after the holiday.

It wasn’t until the mid 2000s that Svart fredag became an infamous retail phenomenon, after footage of shoppers fighting over heavily discounted televisions became worldwide news. It didn’t take long for UK retailers to jump on board. Amazon brought Black Friday to the UK in 2010, and while shoppers were initially skeptical about the imported sales event, today Black Friday is as much a part of the retail calendar as the Boxing Day sales.

Når er det Black Friday 2021?

Svart fredag 2021 begins on 26 november og varer til kl Cyber ​​mandag på 29 november. I fjor Amazon jumped the gun and ran some early-bird deals in the run-up to the event, with the first deals started landing on 26 oktober, more than a month in advance. We expect the online retailer to do the same again in 2021.

Selvfølgelig, once Amazon fires the starting pistol other retailers tend to get involved too. Watch out for premature deals from your favourite shops. We’ll be on the lookout too, so check back here for updates ahead of Black Friday.

Hva er Cyber ​​Monday?

In retail, Cyber ​​mandag is the name given to the Monday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The name was coined in 2005 when online stores noticed a huge increase in sales following the Svart fredag shopping event. I år, it falls on Monday 29 november.

Tradisjonelt, Black Friday described a physical retail event while Cyber Monday focused on online deals, though the two have now merged into a single, four-day shopping spree. I 2020, Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in US history, generating $10.7bn (£7.7bn) in sales.

Tips for finding Black Friday TV deals

You can find the best Black Friday TV deals right here at IndyBest. Bookmark this page and our other Black Friday guides and check back for more updates as the big day approaches. Our team of experts will be scanning through Amazon, John Lewis & Partnere, Currys, Argos og Veldig to bring you the best deals as they happen.

If you’re a bit trigger happy when it comes to deals, it’s useful to have a list of what you plan on buying before heading into the sales. That way you’re not lured into purchasing yet another piece of kitchen hardware you’ll never actually use. Check the item’s RRP too, slik at du kan være sikker på at rabatten er legitim. Some shady retailers increase the price of products before Black Friday to make their discounts seem bigger.

Make sure you’re signed into your accounts at shops like Argos and Amazon for a speedy getaway with the goods. Noen avtaler varer ikke lenge, and having your payment details and address already filled in can be the difference between grabbing that fancy electric toothbrush you’ve been after and being left empty handed.

The names of TV models sound like gobbledygook, but they can be decoded to learn more about them, including the year the TV was released. The best Black Friday TV deals are often on sets from last year, though discounts on new TVs can be found too. Google the brand name followed by “model numbers explained” to decipher each string of letters and numbers.

What were the best Cyber Monday TV deals last year?

Cyber ​​mandag ushered in even more TV deals, rounding off a weekend of discounts that included Sony, Panasonic, Philips, LG and Samsung sets.

Some of the best deals were to be found on the very largest TVs. The 65in Sony bravia KD65A85BU had a giant £600 off at Currys (£1,899,, while the identically sized Toshiba 65UL2063DB (£479, fell in price by £120 to £429. That’s a lot of television for your money.

Smaller TVs weren’t left out either. The 32in JVC LT-32C600 (£194.97, is a neat little set that doesn’t compromise on image quality. The TV enjoyed a modest £50 discount on Cyber Monday.

For a TV that blends into the background when you’re not watching it, consider the model that Samsung has dramatically named “the frame”. De 2021 modell (£1,099, is now the only one you’ll find for sale, but Cyber Monday saw the set fall in price from £1,199 to £699 at Very.

Hvor kan jeg finne den beste Black Friday 2021 tilbud?

Right here. Make sure you bookmark this page so you don’t miss the best TV deals on Black Friday and in the run up to the sales event. At IndyBest we’ll be devoting all of our attention to getting you the best prices on the best products.

For all the information on the best discounts across all the participating retailers, les vår guide til Black Friday sale and what to expect from the 2021 utsalgshelg.


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IndyBest-produktanmeldelser er upartiske, uavhengige råd du kan stole på. Ved noen anledninger, vi tjener inntekter hvis du klikker på lenkene og kjøper produktene, men vi lar aldri dette påvirke dekningen vår. Evalueringene er samlet gjennom en blanding av ekspertuttalelse og testing fra den virkelige verden.

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