What happened in Ozark’s mid-season 4 finale and what does it mean?

What happened in Ozark’s mid-season 4 finale and what does it mean?
First seven episodes of latest season are on Netflix now

Ozark viewers have been left reeling by the shocking events of the show’s mid-season finale.

The first seven episodes of Ozark’s fourth and final season were released on Netflix on Friday (21 January), with another seven set to follow later in the year.

The season finale proved to be an explosive episode, leaving viewers questioning how the show will continue when it returns.

*Major spoilers follow for the most recent episode of Ozark*

Just hours after getting married, Darlene (Lisa Emery) and Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) are murdered at the hands of the mercurial Javi (Alfonso Herrera), the successor to the throne of Omar Navarro.

Ruth (Julia Garner) discovers the bodies and threatens Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) with a shot gun.

Their teenage son Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) tells her that Javi was responsible, with Wendy warning Ruth that he is untouchable due to his position within both the FBI and cartel.

However, powered by her rage, Ruth threatens to avenge the couple.

This suggests that the final run of episodes will see Javi and Ruth go head to head in a showdown, with Ruth saying that the FBI will have to kill her if they want to stop her.

Elsewhere in the episode, Omar (Felix Solis) is offered a bad deal by the FBI, where he is only granted immunity if he remains as cartel head for five years to provide information from the inside. While he accepts, he is then arrested on his way to Mexico.

Ozark is available to stream on Netflix now.