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The cost-of-living crisis, accusations against DJ Tim Westwood, and Elon Musk lead the papers on Wednesday.

The Government’s debates about how to deal with rising bills dominates the front pages.

De i, The Daily Telegraph og Den uavhengige all lead on reports emerging of splits in a Kabinett meeting on Tuesday where ministers discussed measures to counteract the cost-of-living crisis.

Metro adds that it is “crunch time” in the UK as bills continue to rise, mens Daily Express says Britons paid record levels of tax last year.

De Daglig post leads on a refusal from the Mail on Sunday’s editor to meet with the Commons Speaker following the paper’s controversial ‘Basic Instinct’ report.

Vergen carries an exclusive report that DJ Tim Westwood has been accused of sexual misconduct.

De Financial Times says Tesla has been “dented” by Elon Musk’s Twitter endeavour.

Solen reports that the Madeleine McCann suspect has no alibi.

De Daily Mirror leads on the story of a grandmother who won the lottery and donated more than £11 million to charity.

And the Daily Star says Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov is a “barrel of laughs”.

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