O que dizem os jornais - dezembro 5

O que dizem os jornais - dezembro 5
Health concerns, asylum seekers and the Duke of Cambridge are covered in Sunday’s national papers.

The front pages focus on Covid-19 treatment, a royal’s relationship with his late mother and the legacy of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.

The Sunday Telegraph reports a pill to fight Covid-19 could be offered to patients before Christmas as authorities try to protect the most vulnerable from the Omicron variante.

Doctors and nurses have expressed “anger and frustration” at being unable to treat seriously ill patients due to the unvaccinated filling emergency beds, de acordo com The Sunday Times.

“Our loved ones died while No 10 partied” the headline of the Sunday Mirror diz, as the Metropolitan Police considers complaints from Labour MPs that Boris Johnson and his staff held Christmas parties in breach of Covid regulations.

The Observer reports a “disturbing” new study has shown trust in politicians to act in the national interest rather than their own has fallen “dramatically” since Mr Johnson became Prime Minister.

O Independente says senior Conservadores have called for an overhaul of the asylum system to let migrants claim refuge at any UK embassy, in an attempt to reduce the numbers of those attempting to dangerously cross the English Channel.

Tony Hudgell’s mother has called for a child abuser register following the murder of six-year-old Arthur by his stepmother, relatórios Sunday People.

O Sunday Express carries the headline “Simply the best mother” as it covers the Duke of Cambridge’s story of singing along to Tina Turner with Diana to calm his anxiety as a child.

William is quoted in The Mail on Sunday as recalling how attending a traumatic accident during his air ambulance days left him feeling as though “the whole world was dying”.

E Daily Star Sunday reports former footballer David Ginola “reckons he communicated with a ghost during a seance”.

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