What the papers say – February 25

What the papers say – February 25
A photograph of a woman bloodied by Russian airstrikes in Ukraine leads many of the Friday papers.

The front pages all focus on the invasion of Ukraine, many accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of having blood on his hands.

The Daily Telegraph‘s headline casts the conflict as the “new cold war”, the i says panic has gripped Ukraine’s “cities under siege” as hundreds of thousands try to flee and The Guardian leads with a photograph of a bloodied woman injured during an airstrike in the eastern city of Chuhuiv.

“Her blood is on his hands” declares The Sun with a small photograph of Mr Putin over one of the injured woman in Chuhuiv and the Daily Mirror runs with the theme of “Her blood… his hands”.

Metro shows the injured woman next to Mr Putin backed up by Adolf Hitler, while the Financial Times reports the invasion is the biggest challenge to European peace in 80 years.

“The bloodshed begins” reads The Independent‘s headline above a photograph of the Chuviuv woman as the Daily Mail says Russia will seize Kyiv “in days”.