What the papers say – January 19

What the papers say – January 19
The papers react to the PM’s ‘disastrous’ Tuesday evening TV interview as well as the rebellion that is stirring inside the Tory Party.

The nation’s newspapers continue to cover the fallout from partygate as 鲍里斯·约翰逊 fights to win back the Tory party and the country in a desperate bid to save his job.

The Daily Telegraph writes that Mr Johnson is set to scrap Plan B 冠状病毒病 restrictions as claims surface that Tory 国会议员 elected in 2019 are planning a rebellion against the PM.

守护者 also carries Tory MPs plotting against their leader, with the paper saying anger was further stoked by his “disastrous” TV interview on Tuesday night where the PM claimed not to have lied about Downing Street parties.

Daily Mirror reports that the plot to oust the PM by some Tories is called the “Pork Pie Plot”, 尽管 时代 writes that “more than” 20 MPs are now on board.

The Daily Express also carries news of the Tory MPs’ plot.

i adds that the rebellious Tories are engaged in ongoing talks over how to topple Mr Johnson.

每日邮件 accuses the mutinous ‘Pork Pie’ plotters of “turning on (这) man who got them elected”.

地铁 独立 cover the PM’s Tuesday evening TV appearance with the latter writing: “No one warned me party was against rules, says man who set the rules “.

Daily Star continues in the same vein, depicting the PM as Pinocchio.

别处, 这 金融时报 reports that Microsoft has agreed to purchase video game maker Activision Blizzard for 75 billion dollars (£50.5 billion).

太阳 writes that a Strictly contestant has split from her footballer fiance.