Wat die koerante sê – Januarie 22

Wat die koerante sê – Januarie 22
The front pages cover Tory leadership manoeuvring and the death of singer Meat Loaf.

Boris Johnson Meat Loaf and Covid-19 are among the topics splashed across the nation’s papers.

Die tye says Boris Johnson has “reinstated” the leadership team, including education secretary Grant Shapps that helped get him elected in 2019 to manoeuvre around an “inevitable” no-confidence vote.

Die voog runs with pressure on Mr Johnson to release evidence alongside the findings of Sue Gray’s inquiry after it became known that the report would likely “amount to no more than a concise summary of findings”.

Die Onafhanklike splashes comments from Tory peer Lord Robert Hayward that Mr Johnson’s brand has been “permanently damaged”.

Tributes to Meat Loaf, and a report he died of Covid, take top bill on Saturday’s Daily Mirror.

The Daily Telegraph reports the Attorney General is seeking an injunction against the BBC, claiming the broadcaster’s reporting will identify a British spy working overseas.

The Government is “actively” considering a pause to mandatory Covid-19 vaccines for NHS werkers, Volgens i weekend.

FT Weekend leads with tumbling shares and a 40 miljard dollar (£29 billion) drop in value for Netflix as trading opened on Friday.

A rise in national insurance due in April should be “spiked” according to MPs and business owners on the front page of the Daaglikse pos.

A new drug targeting both Covid and the flu could be a “wonder pill” according to a report on the front of Saturday’s Daily Express.

En die Daily Star says Vladimir Putin’s “warmongering has frightened off aliens from visiting Earth”.

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