Wat die koerante sê – Julie 6

Wat die koerante sê – Julie 6
Government turmoil dominates the front pages on Wednesday.

The papers are led by a fresh crisis for Boris Johnson after a number of sudden Cabinet and Regering resignations threatened the future of the PM’s leadership.

Die voog, Die tye en Die son all report the Eerste Minister is “on the brink” after Rishi Sunak en Sajid Javid quit their respective roles as chancellor and health secretary on Tuesday. Die verhaal word ook gedra deur die Financial Times.

The Daily Telegraph, Metro en i lead with a series of further Government resignations heaping more pressure on Mr Johnson, whose leadership is now “hanging by a thread”.

Die Daily Mirror revels in the developments with the headline “Finally”, terwyl die Daily Express says the PM is fighting on with a vow to cut taxes.

En die Daaglikse pos questions if Mr Johnson can “wriggle out” of this latest crisis.

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