What the papers say – June 28

What the papers say – June 28
An attack on a shopping centre in Ukraine is the focus of today’s papers.

The front pages feature reports from Ukraine and comments from the head of the Armée comme Puis prepares to meet in Madrid.

The shopping centre attack is front page of L'indépendant, je et Métro.

Les temps splashes Boris Johnson’s response to the strike: “Putin will pay for his barbarity.”

le Daily Express says it is a “crime against humanity”.

pendant ce temps, les Temps Financier reports on Nato reinforcing its eastern flank with an extra 300,000 troupes.

A warning from the new Army chief that Ukraine is our “1937 moment” is front page of Le télégraphe quotidien.

le Courrier quotidien et Le gardien report on pay demands and strike threats from doctors.

le Daily Mirror runs on the death of Hellen McCourt’s killer, Ian Simms.

And the Daily Star says millions will be paid to “sit in the dark” as part of a new National Grid plan to save energy.

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