O que dizem os jornais – Maio 20

O que dizem os jornais – Maio 20
‘Partygate’ returns to dominate the front pages as the working week concludes.

The papers on Friday are consumed by the long-awaited conclusion of the ‘partygate’ saga.

O guardião e O Independente say there is “fury” after Prime Minister Boris Johnson received just one fine from the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into lockdown-busting parties at the top of Governo durante a pandemia.

The Daily Telegraph relatórios Sue Gray, the senior civil servant whose separate report into coronavirus lockdown gatherings in Downing Street and Whitehall is expected next week, is demanding for “key players” to be identified after the Met declined to identify anyone in its £460,000 investigation.

O Espelho diário dedicates its front page to the PM’s comment in December that “no Covid rules (estavam) broken”, while the Correio diário (not shown) leads with the investigation being dubbed a “farcical waste of time”.

O i e Daily Express report Tory MPs are now urging Boris Johnson to focus on tackling the cost-of-living crisis.

The EU has blocked the UK from an £81 million science project over the ongoing Brexit row regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol, de acordo com Financial Times.

Em outro lugar, O sol e Daily Star and Metro lead with the winners of the UK’s biggest Lotto jackpot.

E Os tempos (not shown) reports doctors are to prescribe insomnia sufferers a self-help app instead of a sleeping pill in a “groundbreaking” NHS scheme.

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