What time is I’m a Celebrity on tonight?

What time is I’m a Celebrity on tonight?
When does I’m a Celeb start?

ザ・ 2021 series of 私は有名人です… 私をここから連れ出してください! is well underway.

You can catch up on the latest antics in Wales in the next episode, which will air on ITV on Thursday 25 November from 9.00pm until 10.00pm.

Celebrities participating in the latest series include Frankie Bridge, ポップグループTheSaturdaysでの彼女の時間で最もよく知られている人, 定期的に おはようイギリス 共催 リチャードマドリー.

Tonight’s episode follows news that Madeley was taken to hospital after he felt “unwell” in the early hours of this morning (25 11月).

ソープスターのダニーミラー (アーロン・ディングル エマーデール) と元 厳密に踊りに来る judge Arlene Philips are also on the series.

Ant and Dec have returned to present 私は有名人です, which will run into December.

Last year’s season was won by Giovanna Fletcher, whose husband, McFly star Tom Fletcher, is currently one of the favourites to win this year’s 厳密に踊りに来る.

You can read our review of the first episode of 私は有名人です 2021 ここに and see the full line-up of contestants at this link.

While the series usually takes place in the Australian wilderness, for the second year running, showrunners have been forced to adapt due to the パンデミック.

That means the show is being filmed in the ruins of Gwrych Castle in Wales, a 200-year-old medieval castle that some believe is “haunted”.


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