What time is Strictly Come Dancing on this weekend?

What time is Strictly Come Dancing on this weekend?
Those pesky BBC schedules mean the show’s timeslot seems to change week to week!

厳密に踊りに来る 帰ってきた, and with it the first hints that the winter season is upon us.

The BBC dance competition has returned for a full-length series, パンデミックのために昨年のエピソードの短い実行のために放映された. Fifteen couples are taking part this time around, 昨年ではなく 12.

しかしながら, ショーは2年連続でブラックプールに移動しません, 舞台裏では社会的距離を置くことができないため.

Like most other series, the main 厳密に show is broadcast on Saturday night, with a shorter results show on Sunday.

But what times are both episodes on?

今週末 (30/31 10月), 厳密に begins at 7.15土曜日の午後 and finishes at 8.55pm, 一方、 results show on Sunday kicks off at 7.15pm, before coming to a close at 8pm.

Frustratingly, the BBC’s schedules mean that 厳密に’s timeslot tends to differ slightly from week to week. Next Saturday (6 11月), 例えば, the main show begins at 6.45pm before concluding at 8.10pm.

Next Sunday’s results show (7 11月) remains in the same timeslot, しかしながら, beginning at 7.15pm and concluding at 8pm.

Everything you need to know about 厳密に’s remaining contestants this year can be found ここに.


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