Who is Bagpipes on The Masked Singer?

Who is Bagpipes on The Masked Singer?
Actor Alan Cumming has already rejected speculation that he is Bagpipes

With the return of蒙面歌手 comes the usual rounds of guessing over who could be behind those quirky costumes.

Bagpipes is one of the contestants causing confusion on the new series, with fans coming up with a number of ideas as to which celebrity it could be.

The tartan-wearing character was introduced in episode 2 (上 2 一月) with a clip filmed on the streets of Edinburgh, 苏格兰.

The brief video saw Bagpipes discuss his Scottish heritage and accent. Other clues included them having a Scotty dog called Annette and two bagels. The celebrity apparently has a “wee connection to Scotland” and has used an instrument before.

After the video introduction, Bagpipes took to the stage to perform Blur’s 1997 single “Song 2”.

Many fans speculated that Bagpipes could be Perth-born actor Alan Cumming.

然而, in a succinct post on Twitter, Cumming shut down those rumours, 评论: “Newsflash: I am not on @MaskedSingerUK nor will I ever be. Thank you.”

Other guesses from fans include 神秘博士 actor David Tennant and 权力的游戏 star Richard Madden.

“Kelly Macdonald as Bagpipes on 蒙面歌手 calling it already,” one viewer tweeted, referring to the Trainspotting 星星.

然而, some fans seemed to think the celebrity isn’t actually Scottish, pointing out their suspicious accent.

“The accent on them Bagpipes on 蒙面歌手 are a crime against the Scottish people. Mobilise the ABLA fuds and slather your face in woad: THIS. MEANS. WAR,” one fan tweeted.

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Bagpipes is currently the favourite to exit the show next, with odds to win from Ladbrokes at 25/1.

According to Betfair, US tennis player John McEnroe is most likely to be behind Bagpipes. You can see the odds below.

Bagpipes odds:

John McEnroe (5/6)

Pat Cash (3/1)

Iain Stirling (9/2)

蒂姆·亨曼 (10/1)

大卫田纳特 (12/1)

蒙面歌手 airs Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.


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