Who is Love Island contestant AJ?

Who is Love Island contestant AJ?
Age, job, Instagram and everything you need to know about AJ on Love Island

A new arrival turned up at the Love Island villa last week.

The boys gathered to greet the new girl, while Lucinda, Faye, Kaz and Co watched from the balcony.

AJ (Andrea-Jane) Bunker is a 28-year-old hair extension technician from Hertfordshire.

“First of all, I’ve had the worst luck with men,” she said, explaining why she signed up for Love Island. “I feel like this is the one thing I haven’t tried. I thought why not? Let’s give it a go.”

AJ has her eye on Teddy: “He’s a bit of me. In terms of being adventurous and spontaneous, I think we’d get on really well. Hugo and Aaron, there is something about them so I want to get to know them a bit more.

And what does she think of the girls? “I think Lib and Kaz are my type of girls. I’m very energetic and love having a good time. I feel like I’d really gel with those girls. It’s funny that Faye and Teddy are paired up because I think me and Faye are the ones who wouldn’t get on the most.”

The new contestant said she plans on bringing “a bit of spice” to the show.

“I’m a big adventure and travel lover,” she said. “A guy who is adventurous and spontaneous is an instant turn on for me because my ideal guy will be someone I can go on adventures with and make memories with. Also, a great sense of humour. A guy who has the right morals. A guy who knows how to respect a woman and knows how to communicate.”

AJ arrived barely an hour after fans and the contestants waved goodbye to Brad, who volunteered to be the one to leave when he and Lucinda were voted the least compatible couple.

“Obviously I’m gutted leaving, I’ve been here from the start,” Brad said as he made his exit. “Lucinda’s journey has been short, it’s only just beginning, so I’d feel selfish taking that from her. If she finds someone then great, if she doesn’t… she knows where I am.”

Love Island continues each night at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.


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