Wildfires: Ask The Independent’s Climate Correspondent anything

Wildfires: Ask The Independent’s Climate Correspondent anything
Senior Climate Correspondent Louise Boyle takes your questions on the emerging climate-driven emergency

California has long lived in the imagination as a place of firsts: The first trillion-dollar state economy, first movie theatre, first McDonald’s; the Internet, the electric guitar, the iPhone.

The state is also a harbinger of what’s coming in our rapidly-changing world from the climate crisis. In 2020, California suffered unprecedented wildfires passing a grim milestone of more than 4 million acres burned.

This year in California, and the American West more widely, it’s feared that fires could be even worse. A perfect storm is building following a heatwave of triple-digit temperatures and the worst drought in 20 years, on top of decades of poor forest management which has left landscapes carpeted in dried-out vegetation, primed to burn.

But California is also synonymous with innovation and progressive solutions from landmark legislation to curb pollution and strides in electric vehicles along with renewable energy.

It’s why The Independent is devoting a new series to wildfires with reporting on-the-ground in California to understand what challenges the state is facing, how it’s adapting – and what those of us beyond the Golden State can learn about our own climate challenges, too.

There’s a lot to think about, and discuss, soThe Independent’s climate team will be here to answer your questions, live at 1pm, on Friday 2 July.

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