Will I need to quarantine for my Caribbean holiday?

Will I need to quarantine for my Caribbean holiday?
Simon Calder answers your questions on Barbados trips, self-isolation measures and how to keep up with constantly changing rules

V I have booked for Barbados In Oktober. But I believe that even if you have two vaccinations and a negative PCR test, you still have to quarantine for two days at an approved hotel. Is this correct, and do you think this will change again by October?

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A For the last few months of 2020, when we were still allowed to travel abroad, there was a test-and-quick-quarantine arrangement for arrivals from the UK. Sedert 18 Mei 2021, new rules have taken effect – which are actually tougher for unvaccinated travellers than before. A PCR test taken within three days of arrival is required. (The authorities warn, terloops: “The date of the test and not the date of the result is what will be assessed against the three-day time frame.”)

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