Will the Nike victory 2.0 modest swimwear collection sink or swim?

Will the Nike victory 2.0 modest swimwear collection sink or swim?
We checked out the Nike Victory 2.0 swim collection, from the leggings to swim tunic, to see how they held up underwater

Many women choose to practice modest dressing as it is a preference in their day-to-day lives. For some it can be an act of worship – for others, it’s just simply a lifestyle they choose to implement. Modest swimwear, 然而, can often be difficult to find – but with the fashion industry widening its scope, some styles are slowly making their way into the mainstream.

In celebration of different beliefs and forms of dressing, last year Nike launched its first ever victory swimwear collection, welcoming a different side to the brand and revolutionising modest swimwear with its victory suit; head-to-toe gear that enables seamless action in the water.

今年, Nike has expanded its horizons even further with the victory 2.0 collection – a line designed to empower women of all backgrounds and permit more comfort when wearing modest swimwear. For this second range, the brand collaborated with Muslim Sisterhood, a creative community dedicated to centering Muslims within photography, publishing, fashion and more. The collective had a significant role in testing the swimwear, as well bringing the campaign to life.

“We always cast from our community instead of formal casting processes,” the team at Muslim Sisterhood explains. “We take a lot of pride in our all-female sets that prioritise Muslim women and non-binary people of colour.”

To see household names like Nike opening their markets for marginalised communities is truly a step in the right direction. But finding the right style, cut, shape, pattern and material when it comes to modest swimwear isn’t easy, so we put the Nike victory swim 2.0 collection to the test to see if its performance holds up in the water. Will the collection sink or swim?



We tried one of the full sets from the collection, including the hijab, leggings and tunic. The set was tested in a swimming pool to get the best results out of the swimsuit – we wanted to assess the comfort, breathability and absorbency of the materials, and how it performed in the water. We also wore it around the block, to see the durability of the material and the stretch of the fabric when running.

The best products from the Nike victory 2.0 collection are:

  • Best secure fit – Nike victory women’s swim hijab: 39.95 英镑, Nike.com
  • Best for support – Nike victory women’s full coverage swim tunic: £83.95, Nike.com
  • 最舒适 – Nike victory women’s slim swim leggings: £60.95, Nike.com
  • Best statement piece – Nike victory women’s slim white tick leggings: £71.95, Nike.com

Nike victory women’s swim hijab

最好的: Secure fit

评分: 7/10

The Nike hijab is made from “durable, chlorine-resistant fabric” – it grants full neck and head coverage, fitting securely around the face. The elastic around the face gives it more security, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping off when underwater, but it’s still very comfortable to wear. Most swimming hijabs are difficult to place around the face, as they can often be extremely tight, but we found this hijab fit with ease.

Many women prefer to wear the hijab like a cap, rather than have full coverage around the neck area. For us the elastic meant this hijab could be worn around the head effortlessly, tucking the hair underneath and placing the extra material used for the neck, inside the cap. It held up well underwater, and the pressure of the water had no effect on the placement of the hijab.

Nike victory women’s full coverage swim tunic

最好的: For support

评分: 8/10

We tested this tunic in a size small, which was true to size. There was still a little bit of room and space for the material to move around, granting a more modest look for those that don’t want their figure or body shape to show. It also comes with an underlayer bra attached to it, with removable cups which allow water to drain more easily. We found that you won’t need to wear an extra bra underneath, as the tunic itself provides an extra layer of security.

Its high neck coverage and adjustable zip make it simple to slip on quickly for those fast changes during your holiday getaway or at the local pool. And with its bright aquamarine, fireberry and white sleeve pattern, contrasting with the solid black colour of the body, It’s vibrant and easily noticeable if you’re swimming out in the sea.

Both sleeves have thumb grips at the end to make sure they do not roll up when swimming. When worn underwater, the tunic did rise up slightly, so it may be best to place the tunic inside the leggings. You can easily untuck the material again once you have left the pool.

Nike victory women’s slim swim leggings

最好的: For comfort

评分: 7.5/10

Nike Swim’s stretchable leggings truly did not disappoint – the material was soft against the skin and super lightweight. They sit high on the waist and fit like a glove – good for the days you may be feeling a little bloated, but still snug enough to make sure it stays in place when swimming.

In the water the leggings didn’t move or roll down, which gave a more secure experience and made us feel like we could swim freely and enjoy every moment. These leggings are currently out of stock but will be available again soon.

Nike victory women’s slim white tick leggings

最好的: Statement piece

评分: 7/10

Nike’s victory collection 2.0 also comes in many other designs. Another piece that also stood out to us was the monochrome white tick swimsuit, which is also available to purchase separately.

The leggings of this set are a simple yet statement-making piece with white ticks all over the bottoms. The fabric, like the other piece, is stretchable, breathable and easy to wear. These leggings also held up well underwater and sat nicely around the waist and hips – another of our favourite pieces from the collection.

判决: Nike Swim victory 2.0 collection

The one item that stole the show has to be the purple patterned tunic. Its adaptable style gave support and also maximum protection. Each item is sold separately, but for the best performance, be sure to check out the full set. You can also mix and match colours and styles with the other pieces available in the victory collection.


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