Woman accused of setting another woman on fire during argument

Woman accused of setting another woman on fire during argument
Police investigating attack in which victim suffered severe burns

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly set another woman alight during a disturbance, police have said.

Lindsy Maves, aged 28, was charged with attempted murder on Tuesday after she was found by officers from the Council Bluffs Police Department (CBPD), Iowa, following a search.

It followed an incident on Monday in which Ms Maves was “involved in a disturbance” with another woman, Christine Weilage, on Avenue K in the city of Council Bluffs.

Ms Weilage, aged 37, was allegedly sprayed with a “flammable substance” and then set alight by the suspect, the CBPD said in a statement.

She was found by CBPD officers suffering from “severe burns” and was transferred to a hospital for urgent treatment, the CBPD said.

Ms Maves fled from the scene of the incident on Monday before officers arrived, and was found the following day.

She was booked into Pottawattamie County Corrections and is facing charges of first-degree arson, and willful injury, in addition to attempted murder.

The CBPD have not identified a motive and investigations are currently ongoing.


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