Woman cleared of obstructing Met police after partner shot with stun gun

Woman cleared of obstructing Met police after partner shot with stun gun
Millard Scott, father of rapper Wretch 32, fell headfirst down flight of stairs during incident at family home

A woman has been cleared of obstructing police during an incident in which the father of rapper Wretch 32 was Tasered.

Claire Stephen, 54, had faced two obstruction charges for allegedly preventing officers from entering the front door of the family home in Tottenham, Norte de Londres, during the Covid lockdown in April last year.

Dentro bodycam footage, tweeted by musician Wretch 32, real name Jermaine Scott, officers can be seen storming into the building before Ms Stephen calls out to her partner Millard Scott, who comes out on to the first floor landing.

An officer at the foot of the stairs can be heard shouting “police officer with Taser, stay where you are” before the sound of a stun gun is heard and Mr Scott, then aged 62, crashes headfirst down the flight of stairs.

Mr Scott had not been suspected of any crime and Ms Stephen, who had never been arrested before and has no criminal convictions, had one obstruction charge against her dismissed and was acquitted of another at Highbury Magistrates’ Court on 19 Outubro, O guardião relatórios.

Ms Stephen told the newspaper the incident had left her “totally traumatised” and unable to celebrate after she walked free from court.

Mr Millard said he too was still traumatised and had been suffering both mentally and physically since the incident.

He told the publication: “I’m angry and I want justice. Nothing has changed in terms of the relationship between the police and the black community. Se alguma coisa, it’s got worse.”

The family are said to have been shielding at the time of the incident because the couple care for their 23-year-old son Shaquille, who is severely disabled.

Mr Scott, who is also the father of rapper Wretch 32, had reportedly been in a bedroom looking after Shaquille when police had burst through the front door.

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De acordo com O guardião, police had been looking for Shaquille’s twin brother, who was later charged with encouraging another to commit a serious offence – communicating with someone in prison on an illegal mobile phone.

O polícia Metropolitana said in a statement at the time of the incident: “Officers Tasered a man at an address in Bromley Road, N17, sobre 21 abril 2020 while carrying out an arrest enquiry for another man at the property.

“After officers had gained entry, a man came downstairs and started suddenly moving towards an officer. He ignored orders to remain where he was, continued towards the officer who, after several warnings, used a Taser.

“The man was assessed by the London Ambulance Service at the scene and he did not require further medical treatment. He was not arrested.

“The incident, including body worn footage, was reviewed by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards and the Independent Office for Police Conduct. No indication of misconduct was identified in relation to any officer.”

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