Woman jailed for murder after setting up robbery at friend’s home which left son dead

Woman jailed for murder after setting up robbery at friend’s home which left son dead
‘The murder of this precious little boy is incomprehensible,’ deputy solicitor says

A woman has been jailed for murder after setting up a robbery at a friend’s home that left his eight-year-old son dead.

Linda Monette, 25, に刑を宣告されました 40 years in prison for a home invasion on 14 五月 2019 that led to the death of Mason Hanahan, 8.

The episode occurred in Oak Grove in Lexington, サウスカロライナ at the home of Mason’s father, Austin Hanahan.

Police say Monette knew Mr Hanahan and was at the home when the attempted robbery took place.

Lexington County Sheriff’s Department received an emergency call just after midnight that an intruder had kicked in the door of Mr Hanahan’s home and that gunfire between the two had occurred.

Mason was shot in the head during the gunfight and Mr Hanahan was injured. An autopsy later showed that the gunshot that killed Mason had come from the weapon of the intruder, who still hasn’t been found.

Investigators have said that Monette’s statements didn’t add up, leading them to look into her connections to gangs in the area. She then admitted that she planned the robbery, having a gun held to her head as part of a deceptive ploy.

Testimony in court explained that the goal of the robbery was to get hold of cash and weed in Mr Hanahan’s home.

Monette was found guilty on all charges, including murder, criminal conspiracy first-degree burglary, and attempted armed robbery.

During the sentencing, Mason’s mother Tyler Hanahan said her son had been admitted into a programme for academic excellence not long before he was killed.

“We are thankful for the support of Mason’s family and that some degree of justice has been achieved,” Deputy Solicitor Suzanne Mayes said, による WACH. “The murder of this precious little boy is incomprehensible.”

On the night of his death, Mason was visiting his father after a Dixie Youth All-Stars baseball practice session. The night before the home invasion, the eight-year-old had fallen asleep on the couch while playing Fortnite.


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