Woman shares ‘genius tip’ for beating 100ml liquids rule at airport

Woman shares ‘genius tip’ for beating 100ml liquids rule at airport
Click and collect helps passenger circumnavigate the rules

UNE TIC Tac user has been hailed a “genius” after sharing her nifty trick for getting more liquids into her hand-luggage when flying.

Depuis 2006, airports worldwide have insisted that travellers can only bring liquids (such as toiletries, shampoos, creams, pastes and bottled water) in containers of up to 100ml in their carry-on bag.

These are limited to one zip-lock plastic bag, which is usually separated from travellers’ cabin bags when going through the security scanners.

pourtant, TikTok vlogger Holly Louise shared a clever hack for taking more liquids on holidaywithout having to check in a separate bag.

In her video, Holly suggests leaving liquids at home and packing everything else you needbut doing an online shop at Boots, then arranging to pick up the order at an airport branch of the pharmacy and beauty shop.

For her idea to work, it would have to be an “airside” branch of Boots or another pharmacy – c'est à dire. one that is past the security stage and near the airport gates.

The video shows a holidaymaker picking up a brown paper shopping bag of full-sized beauty treats at the airportincluding body moisturiser, a hair mask and SPF.

Boots offers a “Click and Collect” service that allows customers to choose airport branches as a pick-up location. pendant ce temps, airport rules dictate that you can bring shopping you’ve bought within the airport onboard your flight.

Using the service also means avoiding airport prices, which can be hiked up higher than customers would pay in a regular high-street branch.

But one of Holly’s followers spotted a possible pitfall, demander: “What about bringing it back?"

The 100ml rule remains in most countries and airports, meaning travellers would likely have their full-sized toiletries over that volume removed if they tried to pack them on the return journey.

Holly insisted the trick still works, ajouter: “I’m sharing with all my friends so we will use all of this.”

TikTok is a hotbed of sneaky travel tips aimed at budget travellers, de how to cram extra clothes into your small cabin-bag allowance, à how to book the cheapest flights onlinewith one user even giving her secrets to bagging a completely free luxury holiday.

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