Woman shot man dead when he wouldn’t kiss her

Woman shot man dead when he wouldn’t kiss her
Illinois mother-of-three allegedly turned violent after an evening of drinking

A woman has been accused of fatally shooting a man when he refused to kiss her after a night of drinking.

The Illinois mum-of-three was socialising with the man and his girlfriend in their apartment in Rolling Meadows, when the evening turned violent, 根据当局.

Cook County prosecutors said Claudia Resendiz-Flores and the couple had been hanging out and drinking when Ms Resendiz-Flores asked James Jones for a kiss.

根据 Chicago Sun-Times, he said no and asked his girlfriend for a kiss instead. Prosecutors said she then became jealous and asked Mr Jones again, but he continued to refuse.

Ms Resendiz-Flores allegedly then took Mr Jones’ gun from where it was stashed between couch cushions, and aimed it at him. When Mr Jones saw her put her finger on the trigger and take the safety off, he unsuccessfully tried to push the gun down. Ms Resendiz-Flores shot him once in the chest, killing him, said prosecutors.

Mr Jones’ girlfriend called emergency services and responding officers reportedly found the handgun still in the living room.

Rolling Meadows Police Department said in a 陈述: “Claudia Resendiz-Florez was identified as the shooter and taken into custody. A witness has been cooperating with this investigation and the scene was processed for evidence. 此时, it appears that this is an isolated incident with no threat to the general public.”

Ms Resendiz-Flores later admitted to shooting Mr Jones and was subsequently charged with first-degree murder.

Assistant Public Defender Courtney Smallwood said Ms Resendiz-Flores is separated from her husband, and is the sole caretaker for her three young children.


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