Woman sparks debate after changing boyfriend’s lock screen to a girl’s photo he liked

Woman sparks debate after changing boyfriend’s lock screen to a girl’s photo he liked
‘I should make a collage and do that,’ one viewer says in the comments.

A woman has sparked a debate after she took her 彼氏電話 and changed his lock screen to a photo of a different girl.

a TikTok video ポストする 16 1月, @jillianstevensss is shown holding her boyfriend’s phone. The sound in the background of the video is the lyric, “oh my god, she’s insane”, from Taylor Swift’s song “I Bet You Think About Me”.

“My bf when he wakes up bc he liked some girl’s pic on インスタグラム so I saved it as his lock screen since he likes it so much,” the text over the video reads.

The TikTok user also made a joke about his phone in the caption and wrote: “out here being the best gf and making his lock screen something that he likes.”

The video has over 344,100 views so far, with its creator noting in the comments that this was just a joke.

“We very much in love idc that he liked her pic i just am petty,」と彼女は書いた. “all love.”

しかしながら, viewers in the comments have still confessed that they’ve also changed the backgrounds of their significant others’ phones.

“Done this but with messages of him texting another girl,」と書いた. “Took a screenshot and set as Lock Screen just to make sure he knew I knew.”

“I did this but w my ex but it was his ex’s contact that was still in his phone,」別の人が書いた.

Other viewers applauded @jillianstevensss for coming up with and sharing this idea.

“I should make a collage and do that,」と書いた, 別の人が言った: “girl you did a perfect thing.”

しかしながら, some TikTok users expressed that they’ve never considered doing this with someone else’s phone.

​​”I never thought of doing this,」と書いた. “So petty.”

a video posted the next day, @jillianstevensss emphasised how “loyal” her boyfriend actually was and that he would let her go through his phone if she asked to.

At the start of the clip, she was holding her boyfriend’s iPhone and entering the passcode to it. She first started scrolling through his Instagram account, specifically looking at his direct messages and the posts he’s liked. She then went through a few other applications on his device, including Snapchat, チクタク, and his text messages.

“I can ask for his phone at any given moment & he just hands me it,” she wrote in the caption. “Talks to no one else but me & spends all his time with ME & goes to work….he’s loyal.”

She clarified the Instagram post that her boyfriend liked was a photo of a friend. The TikTok user also went into his Instagram account to like that photo.

独立者 has contacted @jillianstevensss for comment.