Xiaomi’s smart glasses beam information directly into your eyes

Xiaomi’s smart glasses beam information directly into your eyes
眼镜, which are only a concept currently, can display messages, 打电话, navigate, and translate text

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has revealed its concept smart glasses that can display messages and notifications, 打电话, capture photos, and translate text.

The smart glasses, which do not yet have a name, use MicroLED technology with a high pixel density to make a display chip measuring only 2.4-by-2.02 millimetres with a peak brightness of two million nits; the display itself is the size of a grain of rice.

MicroLED is set to be the successor to OLEDs. They are individually lit and allow for brighter displays and deeper detail in black areas, but can have a higher pixel density and a loner lifespan.

Xiaomi says that the smart glasses integrate 497 different components so it can function “as a new smart terminal with independent operating capability”, allowing it to act as a camera with a 5MP lens on the front, navigator, or teleprompter.

Xiaomi’s concept for smart glasses navigation

It also has a built-in smart assistant called XiaoAI, which features on its smartphones in the same way Bixby does on Samsung phones, and which the company says is the “primary interaction method”.

The company says they had “many in-depth discussions” to decide which features were the most necessary, such as only sending notifications for certain updates like alarms or messages from important contacts.

The glasses apparently have a quad-core ARM processor, a touch pad, wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, and run on the Android operating system – weighing only 51 grams.

This news comes shortly after Facebook announced its long-rumoured ‘smart glasses’ in partnership with Ray-Ban, 配备两个前置摄像头,可快速拍摄图片和视频, but with do not have the augmented reality capabilities touted by Xiaomi.

The social media giant does, 然而, have a more adept pair of smart glasses in the works, which will “add a 3D layer of useful, 根据该公司的说法,在物理世界之上的上下文相关且有意义的信息 博客文章.

Facebook表示该设备可以帮助完成日常任务, 比如找钥匙, 导航一个新的城市, 或“捕捉片刻”.

苹果, which is launching the iPhone 13, has also been said to be developing AR glassesalthough the coronavirus pandemic and a long development process means they are targeted for a 2023 release.


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