You will soon be able to rent the Home Alone mansion on Airbnb for just $25

You will soon be able to rent the Home Alone mansion on Airbnb for just $25
Home Alone house listed on Airbnb

Seul à la maison fans can live out their holiday season fantasies this year with an overnight stay in the film’s iconic house.

The opportunity to stay in the McCallister family home, located in the Chicago area, is being offered by Airbnb for one night only in honour of the Seul à la maison reboot Home Sweet Home Alone streaming on Disney+, and will feature Buzz McCallister as host.

“You may not remember me as particularly accommodating but I’ve grown up, and I’d be happy to share my family homemy pizza, même – with you this holiday season. Just try not to let my tarantula, Axl, loose this time,” McCallister, played by actor Devin Ratrayin the films, is quoted as saying in the press release.

As part of the promotion, Kevin’s older brother will “host” up to four guests on 12 décembre, with the home rental company noting that the opportunity will allow those who book the two-bedroom house to “relive their favourite scenes from the holiday classic and let their inner eight-year-olds run free for the evening without the interruption of pesky intruders”.

In addition to the plethora of photo opportunities, guests will be able to enjoy a “cosy holiday scene with twinkling lights and a perfectly trimmed tree,” as well as a feast of “Chicago’s finest pizza” and a “candlelit dinner of microwavable Kraft Macaroni & Cheese”.

The opportunity, which will be available for just $25 to those lucky enough to book the house, will also include a “meet and greet with a real-life tarantula,” a Lego Seul à la maison set that can be taken home, and a viewing of the reboot of the 90s classic.

Airbnb also promises “booby traps galore,” before assuring potential guests that they will be the ones setting the traps, and not “sidestepping them”.

“We may all be older and wiser now, but we’re never too old for holiday hijinks,” the older McCallister added in the press release. “So this year, spend the holidays not-so-home-alone at my parents’ house.”

In honour of the reboot of the classic film, and the “first-ever stay at the McCallister home,” Airbnb also revealed that it would be making a donation to Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital.

Those interested in taking part in their own version of the childhood Christmas classic, which will require guests to arrange their own travel to and from Chicago, can request to book the home beginning on 7 December at 1pm CT at

Airbnb also notes that Covid-19 guidelines will be in effect, with onsite staff following applicable local, state and federal guidelines as well Airbnb’s Covid safety practises, which require mask-wearing and social distancing.

You can book the Seul à la maison house for the holiday season ici.

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